5G Technologies, Key For More Effective Mission Critical Communications

2018-07-03 | Sagi Subocki

According to Sagi Subocki, Vice-President Products and Marketing at Softil, the ultimate promise of 5G technologies lies in its ability to deliver new essential services which go well beyond “instant gratification” for the Netflix and Hulu aficionados.

Using Drones and AI For Automated Crowd Surveillance

2018-06-08 | Malek Murison

'Eye in the Skye' allows a drone to fly above crowds and use machine learning to detect signs of violence.

Can Your Public-Safety Backhaul Network Meet Evolving First Responder Needs?

2017-12-14 | Fai Lam Marketing Director, IP/optical networks a Nokia

As first responders and law enforcement today are equipped with more-sophisticated communications tools that work in harsh and hostile environments. Likewise, the public safety backhaul network must evolve to support all kinds of data-rich applications.

Pocket Sized Mobile Networks: Reshaping Mission-Critical Communications

2017-10-17 | Carsten Brinkschulte

When it comes to delivering vital telecoms and internet connectivity in remote communications scenarios—from isolated construction sites to oil rigs —the options up until now have been costly and limited.

Verizon to FirstNet: Secure Interoperability is Technically Feasible

2017-10-04 | Ken Rehbehn

In his Blog, principal analyst Ken Rehbehn talks about the issue of interoperability between two competing secure and interconnected networks serving Public Safety communications operations in the USA.

Increased need in Cyber Security Solutions for Public Safety Organizations

2017-09-20 | Baruch Eylon, CEO – Eylon b. Consulting Ltd.

Strong growth of internet usage, combined with the inability to prevent data leakage, has forced organizations to reexamine their approach to cyber security. Baruch Eylon talks about how to address cyber security issues within the Public Safety sector.

APCO 2017 Conference Take-Aways

2017-08-22 | Ken Rehbehn | founder, Critical Communications Insights

Analyst Ken Rehbehn discusses the take aways from the busy APCO 2017 event. Rehbehn discusses the role of AT&T, competition by Verizon, PTT over LTE interoperability and the LTE/Project 25 hardened LMR portable.

How LTE Cuts the Complexity Out of Modern Transport Networks

2017-08-02 | Norman Frisch, Marketing Director, Enterprise Business Group and Transport Sector at Huawei

Networks are complex by nature; an arrangement of intersecting systems, people & structures. To stay effective they need constant supervision and updates. Norman Frisch, Huawei Marketing Director, explains the benefit of change from GSM-R to LTE.

Is a Truly User-Centric Critical Communications World within our reach?

2017-07-11 | Peter Clemons

This very interesting article is setting out the basic goals & aspirations for the Quixoticity Index that Clemons prepared as a new vehicle for promoting best-practice & innovative new business models for public safety & critical communications users.

Keeping FirstNet Deployable Options Open

2017-06-29 | Ken Rehbehn

In this Blog, senior Analyst Ken Rehbehn shares his thoughts about what is needed to draw the right conclusion on choosing the FirstNet for Public Safety Broadband Communications.

Top 6 Challenges when Implementing new Public Safety Communications Technologies

2017-06-07 | Hong-Eng Koh

Hong-Eng Koh, Global Chief Public Safety Expert of Huawei Enterprise Business Group discusses threats to public safety, the challenges posed by legacy systems, the impact of emerging technologies, and using collaborative communication.

What's with all the 5G hype and why I am really looking forward to 6G

2017-05-15 | Mika Skarp

5G is getting hyped in all kinds of interesting and very futuristic ways. Every day seems to arrive with a new set of never-thought-of-before scenarios. But it got me thinking....

What communications products will end users need next?

2017-05-03 | Dave George

Industry thought-leader Dave George, engineer and President of Pryme, released his annual trends forecast for communications and technology. This year’s predictions focus on end-user-driven developments affecting all industries.


2017-02-20 | Ming Ho

I recently visited some customers who have interest in public safety over LTE (PS-LTE). They told me that IP-PTT service was launched in the market for long time. However, it did not succeed so why will MCPTT be any different?

Public Safety Network Hardening – easy bit or a bit more challenging?

2016-10-26 | Kim Molin

Intelligent LTE Network Hardening is the way forward in ensuring affordable business continuity for mission critical communications

Public Safety: The New Opportunity for Mobile Smart-Phone Vendors

2016-09-20 | Ming Ho

Ming Ho visited some mobile phone manufacturers in Taiwan. All of them gave similar input: They suffer in the downturn in the mobile communications. market, competition is strong and they are looking for new opportunities.

How Public Safety Networks Become Public Networks with a little Network Slicing

2016-08-04 | Mika Skarp

There will be never enough available radio frequency spectrum for our expanding mobile networks. One way to gain access to new frequencies is via public safety networks.

3 New Trends and 1 Long-Standing Tradition Predicted for 2016 and Beyond

2016-04-27 | Dave George

Industry thought-leader Dave George, engineer and President of Pryme, which holds over 35 patents and was awarded the Communications Solutions Product of the Year, publishes the 4th annual trends forecast for communications and technology.

Ensuring Safety and Security during the US Presidential Elections by Using Proper Wireless Communication

2016-03-29 | Offer Herman

Both for public rallies and events as well as presidential convoys, full synchronization is required between convoys and security personnel as is the ability to have complete visibility and awareness of the surrounding area and situations.

A Global Critical Alliance with a TETRA heart and a 5G brain

2016-03-09 | Peter Clemons

In his Blog, Peter Clemons describes that he believes that we urgently need a Global Critical Alliance. An Alliance with a TETRA heart and a 5G brain. Clemons provides some key requirements and attributes..