The end of Airwave and the truth about TETRA and LTE for UK emergency services (Act 1)

2015-02-13 | Peter Clemons

A blog about the UK Emergency Services Network in 3 parts.

What is the standard (for critical data)?

2014-06-30 | Tero Pesonen

Tero Pesonen believes that the standard for critical broadband critical communications radio access will be based on LTE for both critical voice and data services. But what will happen in the transitoir period?

DMR or TETRA: A Technical Comparison of Coverage

2014-05-01 | John Graham - Tait Communications

John Graham, Solutions Marketing Manager at Tait looks past the hype to investigate these two technologies and compare their coverage performance. DMR vs TETRA Every year, many communications systems reach the end of their economic life due to...