Managing the LTE migration Part 2 - From application friction to open connectivity

2016-01-04 | Sami Honkaniemi

In this article, we’ll look at the migration from TETRA to mobile broadband from the applications perspective. To understand the difference, we’ll go through some of the major “application hurdles” in TETRA as we know them, and see how this will change.

The post-TETRA Era: Next-Gen Mobile Networks for Emergency Services

2015-12-08 | Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO, Core Network Dynamics

TETRA it is no longer fit for purpose. In today's world, public safety professionals need a modern communications system capable of being used everywhere – including in remote areas, tube stations, and underground car parks. Brinkschulte has the answer..

Wireless Technology for K9 Units. Working together with men's best friend

2015-11-09 | Yossi Segal

Collaborating today's K9 units with the right technology can elevate the unit's performance, lower the risks involved and deliver greater precision and certainty to any task involved.

Managing the LTE Migration Part 1 – The Subscriber

2015-10-21 | Sami Honkaniemi - Mentura

This series of posts looks at different aspects of managing the migration from TETRA/P25 to public safety broadband.

Full Interoperability: A Common Language is Only Half the Story

2015-10-14 | Yossi Segal

Yossi Segal, Co-Founder& VP of Research and Development for Mobilicom talks about the aspect of interoperability and communications challenges faced by first responders.

Notes for a global critical communications plan - Part 4 - Achieving affordable, secure solutions in the digital age

2015-09-21 | Peter Clemons

Part 4 looks at the complex relationship between people & technology, and how a user-driven process based on real current and future critical communications requirements should dictate the choice of the right combination of existing & evolving technology.

Mission-Critical Communications: The Next Step for Mobile Broadband Systems

2015-09-18 | Yossi Segal

Two main factors will continue to contribute to the rise in demand for mission-critical comms: The natural growing demand for communications enhancements for the law enforcement market, oil & gas and tactical communications and global rise in terrorism.

Notes for a global critical communications plan - Part 3 - Are global standards really so important?

2015-09-10 | Peter Clemons

Part 3 of this new blog series looks at the growth of global standards and their role in driving the development of mobile communications and society as a whole.

Notes for a global critical communications plan - Part 2 - Spectrum for those who need it most

2015-09-03 | Peter Clemons

Part 2 of this new blog series looks at the critical role of spectrum in the provision of all communications services and why sufficient spectrum must be made available by Governments around the world exclusively for critical communications.

Notes for a global critical communications plan - Part 1 - The world is heading for certain disaster without a global plan for critical communications

2015-08-25 | Peter Clemons

Part 1 of a new blog series that will explain a new economic model based on critical communications and new measures of social value.

Will TETRA be replaced by LTE?

2015-07-07 | Yossi Segal

TETRA, which has long been the standard communications platform for public safety, transportation, emergency response teams, police and oil & gas sectors among others, may no longer be the obvious choice for a communications platform.

Decision time: Important elections will decide the future of critical communications

2015-05-06 | Peter Clemons

There are 2 key elections coming up this month (May 2015) that will play their part in deciding the future of critical communications in the United Kingdom, Europe and around the world. Quixoticity looks at the key decisions facing voters in both election

UK Emergency Services Network: Is there an alternative? (Part 2)

2015-03-30 | Peter Clemons

ESMCP: “Slow down, you move too fast.”

UK Emergency Services Network: Is there an alternative? (Part 1)

2015-03-14 | Peter Clemons

The continuing privatisation of public safety & the destruction of social value

The end of Airwave and the truth about TETRA and LTE for UK emergency services (Act 3)

2015-02-25 | Peter Clemons

ESMCP/ESN: Optimism bias or something more sinister – there must be a better way

The end of Airwave and the truth about TETRA and LTE for UK emergency services (Act 1)

2015-02-13 | Peter Clemons

A blog about the UK Emergency Services Network in 3 parts.

What is the standard (for critical data)?

2014-06-30 | Tero Pesonen

Tero Pesonen believes that the standard for critical broadband critical communications radio access will be based on LTE for both critical voice and data services. But what will happen in the transitoir period?

DMR or TETRA: A Technical Comparison of Coverage

2014-05-01 | John Graham - Tait Communications

John Graham, Solutions Marketing Manager at Tait looks past the hype to investigate these two technologies and compare their coverage performance. DMR vs TETRA Every year, many communications systems reach the end of their economic life due to...