Is Your Mission-Critical Communication System Cyber-Proof?

2022-03-17 | Prathamesh Khedekar- Technical Product Ops. Manager - Creospan

Prathamesh Khedekar discusses the scale and reach of cyberattacks on mission critical communication systems within the Public Safety environment as well as the critical role in strengthening these networks.

The Power of TETRA Technology

2022-02-27 | Hannu Aronsson | TCCA’s TETRA Applications Group

TETRA is recognised as a leading mobile communications technology that is delivering mission-critical voice and data services to public safety organisations and mobile workers worldwide. Read about the most advanced features of the TETRA technology.

Things to Know Before Choosing Your VHF/UHF System

2021-10-01 | ADRF

ADRF shares it's vision on the best features for an in-building UHF and VHF public safety system.

The Evolution of Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk Networks: 5G’s Role in Public Safety

2021-08-19 | Ken Bednasz | Vice President of Application Engineering for Telit

Ken Bednasz discusses the role of MCPTT and 5G, the interoperability challenges as today more and more telecommunications companies deploy technologies optimized for MCPTT interoperability over LTE, 5G and LMR.

How to Re-imagine School Safety?

2021-08-11 | Inrico

School safety is an everlasting topic with tremendous significance, and we can't be too careful. In this Blog, Inrico is sharing ideas to enhance school safety through reliable and efficient commuications.

A New Era of Land Mobility Connectivity

2021-07-07 | Intelsat

This blog describes a flexible and fully provisioned global managed service that removes the cost and complexity out of creating and managing a communications network.

How PoC Communication & Dispatching Platforms Enable Efficiency and Safety

2021-02-01 | Renxing Pan, CEO of Inrico Solutions

With faster, safer and better connectivity, convergent push-to-talk (PTT) solutions are now rapidly being adopted in new sectors and for new user scenarios. What are the 'ingredients' of an efficient and reliable PoC Platform?

Why BDAs provide the ideal way to boost coverage

2021-01-13 | Chris Cant | Senior Product Manager (Systems & Solutions) | Hytera UK

Bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) provide a simple and cost-effective way of increasing signal levels for narrowband radio systems in places with poor coverage, such as in buildings and tunnels.

Global MCX Outlook for 2021

2020-12-23 | Anatoli Levine | Director of Products and Standards for Softil, Ltd.

Key trends include more Service Providers outside government-sponsored programs entering the MCX space to deliver mission-critical communications services; MCX upgrades to dispatch consoles becoming operational; MCVideo for First Responders.

What happened to Australia’s National Strategic Radio System?

2020-06-04 | Ben Cosier | Impulse Wireless

The time to act on a nationwide communications network for first responders and Government agencies in Down Under s now. “A lesson learned isn’t a lesson until it brings about change”

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Essential for Emergency Services

2020-05-19 | Sagi Suboki | Softil

Softil urges emergency services to harness IoT and AI in mission-critical communications for the benefit of public safety

The Role of LTE in the Utilities Sector

2020-03-02 | Darek Wieczorek

From a utility’s perspective, there is a game-changing difference between public and private LTE networks. Darek Wieczorek, MCP senior technical consultant explains why he values the advantages of Private LTE for th Utility sector.

MCX Engineers Convene at 4th ETSI Plugtest

2019-09-23 | Sagi Subocki - VP Products & Marketing Softil

This week in Finland 34 companies and more than 100 engineers are coming together with one common goal – to ensure their companies’ mission-critical products are interoperable. A good reason for Softil to give it some thought.

The Future of CBRS Spectrum for Law Enforcement

2019-08-02 | Guest Author - Meeta Gupta | Wireless Solution Architect

From the ability to create a private LTE network to enhanced Wi-Fi and 5G capability, CBRS is likely to be as consequential as the development of Wi-Fi itself, which debuted 20 years ago this year.

Shining the Light On A Bright Mission Critical Communications Future

2019-06-23 | Anatoli Levine | Director of Products and Standards for Softil, Ltd.

An outlook for the MCC/MCX industry from Anatoli Levine, Director of Products & Standards at IP Communications Enabler Softil.

CAD On Smartwatches Is A Game Changer For Police Communications

2019-05-29 | T.J. Kennedy

As police departments and other public safety organizations shift their communications infrastructure to wireless broadband and cloud-based apps, smartwatches look set to have a massive impact on the everyday lives of first responders.

Smart-Safe-Connected Communities: Is Your Organization Part of This Movement?

2019-05-28 | George Rice

Enabling Smart-Safe-Connected Communities will require new forms of cross-sector/governmental collaboration & knowledge sharing. Commercial sector input, honed in the experience of public sector implementation, can pave the way to a smart, safe & .....