TCCA Service Overview (SO) TETRA-MCX Interworking (TETRA IWF)

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  Technical   |  2023-12-22

This document describes in more detail the relation between the interworking functionality and the TETRA SwMI from the perspective of operators and users. The focus is on the usage during transition and what the expected features needed from this perspective are. It sets aside the needed basic functionality for interworking like voice calls, data messages and designates priorities in a clear overview of 1) must-have, 2) nice to have and 3) not prioritized in this service overview for the sta


EUWENA Spectrum Update 2023

Broadband  |  Spectrum  |  2023-12-14

Euwena Launches its second paper on Spectrum availability throughout Europe, a total of 15 countries are now added to the repository. This repository will be updated annually with more countries being added with a concise overview of the available European frequency spectrums by country for your reference, for private corporate and industry individuals who wish to implement their own private local mobile network.


Etherstack InterTalk Case Study

Control rooms  |   Narrowband  |  Technical   |  2023-12-06


Reimagining Public Safety Operations

Control rooms  |   Narrowband  |   Broadband  |   Satellite  |   Critical IoT  |   Video  |  Operations  |  2023-12-04

This paper outlines how the PSAs are currently leading the operations, some of the current challenges faced by them and the key accelerators that will further propel them toward next-generation operations.


Spectrum Availability - the Key to Private 5g Networks Adoption

CCR  |   Broadband  |  Spectrum  |  2023-12-04

This paper aims to shed light on the challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions in harnessing spectrum resources for the future of private wireless connectivity.


TCCA APIs to Facilitate MC Client Device Integration

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |   Satellite  |   Critical IoT  |  General  |  2023-11-22

The white paper concludes with a summary of the recommendations to PPDR organisations, developers and OS providers, and also indicates how TCCA will continue to provide ongoing support for the development of cost- effective, open and standards-based mission critical platforms.


The Role of Satellite Communications in Disaster Management

Satellite  |  Operations  |  2023-11-14

This Whitepaper highlights the impact these technologies can have and provides a roadmap to ensuring they can be taken up quickly by all countries that face natural or man-made catastrophes. It brings to light the effects of a wider use of satellite connectivity and integrating a global connectivity revolution in emergency services, by identifying the infrastructure gap between high-income and low-income countries, while analyzing how policy guidelines from multilateral organizations nee


LTE450 is the Enabler of Critical, Long-Range Communications

Technical   |  2023-08-02

This paper explains why LTE 450 networks are a natural and effective network for critical communications.


Critical Communications World 2023 Post Show Report

General  |  2023-08-02

Find out what made our Helsinki event such a success CCW 2023 saw record numbers with over 7,000 attendees joining us in Helsinki across the three days, including 4,836 visitors, a 91% increase year-on-year. 205 expert speakers took part in 81 sessions, and the exhibition hall was filled with 154 exhibiting companies and partners.


NRTC and Ericsson Private LTE Case Study - Utilities

Broadband  |  Vertical markets  |  2023-08-01


Considerations for Mission Critical Connectivity in the Satellite Era: Solutions for Communications Security & Resiliency

Satellite  |  Satellite  |  2023-06-22

Within the realm of mission-critical operations, the significance of dependable communications cannot be overstated. As response ground forces find themselves frequently deployed to regions lacking robust connectivity infrastructure, the significance of efficient and effective connectivity becomes even more apparent. The selection of either Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or Geosta



Broadband  |  6G  |  2023-05-04

This report addresses the journey to next-generation communications systems in the context of the NGA’s earlier report about North America’s Roadmap to 6G which outlined a vision and set of audacious goals for North America. This vision is one of a distributed cloud, computational, and communications architecture that offers much more than a ubiquitous communications fabric for users. This report explores the demand side of the ecosystem. It focuses on eight industry verticals and their applica


How Public Safety Agencies Can Increase Situational Awareness

Broadband  |  Operations  |  2023-04-12

Public safety agencies are embracing the concept of connected first responders, made possible by smartphone technology and powerful mobile applications such as ATAK. With full deployment of smartphones to field personnel, agencies can effectively expand capabilities and provide ready access to mission-critical voice and data, regardless of an individual's assignment or proximity to a patrol vehicle or fire engine. Learn about: The capabilities of ATAK. How smartphones and tablets enable situat


Growth in mobile networks will bring in a new era in critical communications

CCR  |   Broadband  |  General  |  2023-04-07

In this white paper, Mobile Tornado shows how improved coverage is creating new opportunities for push-to-talk over cellular technology. We predict it is just a matter of time before the first blue light service makes the switch to PTToC and others follow.


The Internet of Things: Impact on Public Safety Communications

Critical IoT  |  General  |  2023-03-14


Radio over satellite solutions

Satellite  |  Whitepapers  |  2023-03-14

Radio over satellite can provide essential connectivity between headquarters and field teams during natural disasters and mission-critical applications. In this white paper, you will learn the importance of ROS systems, and what are some of the challenges you might have to think about when tailoring a ROS system from the ground up.


Case Study: HyphaMESH for hurricane response and recovery when communications systems are down

Satellite  |  Operations  |  2023-03-14

HyphaMESH is deployed within minutes and operates with or without internet backhaul to provide reliable connectivity when disaster strikes.