SCADA Utilities Transition

Vision & Future  |  2021-07-30

Moving on from Narrowband? The Top Ten Considerations for Utilities looking to transition from Narrowband to Next-Generation Bearers


Push-to-Talk over Cellular — A Viable Team Communications Solution for Now and the Future

Vision & Future  |  2021-07-12

The past few decades, wireless communication technologies are developing rapidly, the cost of public network radios is declining, and work-forces are moving more frequently, all these make Push-to-Talk services based on the carrier's network become a viable choice for more and more industry users. Nowadays, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is the most cost-effective choice for industry work-forces who require seamless team communications and data services.


EChat PoC System Security White Paper

LTE  |  Operations  |  2021-05-21

Nowadays PoC is the most cost-effective choice for users from various industries who require seamless voice communications and data services, and its security is always the 1st priority to concern. This article discusses in depth the security & reliability of eChat, Caltta's PoC system, and shows you a remarkable and unique secure PoC system. What you will learn; 1. Why are PMR users so concerned about cyber security? 2. How many security layers does PoC system have?Which aspects of ser....


Caltta DMR whitepaper

Narrowband  |  General  |  2021-04-01

A DMR trunking technology whitepaper from Caltta, discussing the technical advantages, system architecture and how the Caltta DMR solutions can help a variety of vertical markets in streamlining their critical communications.


Public Safety IoT Outreach Report

Critical IoT  |  General  |  2020-08-25

This report provides a comprehensive overview of PSIoT technology and gives guidance to Public Safety and Information Technology agency executives as they assess the benefits and challenges of these services.


NPSTC NASEMSO COVID19 Operations Checklist

CCR  |  General  |  2020-08-25

NPSTC and the National Association of State EMS Officials, Joint EMS Working Group has updated the comprehensive checklist of policy considerations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.


NPSTC Emerging EMS Technology Report

CCR  |  General  |  2020-08-25

This report examines how public safety broadband may support new EMS patient care technologies through a review of five use cases involving medical emergencies.


NPSTC MCPTT Console Report

Narrowband  |  General  |  2020-08-25

This report provides an overview of selected technical and operational issues associated with the implementation of Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) using FirstNet, specifically focusing on consoles used by public safety agencies.


Hytera PoC White Paper

Broadband  |  General  |  2020-06-11


Mirroring Futures: MCX versus FRMCS

Broadband  |  Comparisons  |  2020-05-29

Of all the many disciplines covered under the Railway Systems umbrella, none has evolved so dramatically, and so rapidly, over the two and half decades as has railway mission-critical telecommunications systems. This white paper explores the relationship between two mobile radio standards (MCX and FRMCS), their differences and similarities, potential migration paths between them and the extent at which the 5G roadmap will impact either of them.


Lowband Whitepaper TPL Systemes

DMR  |  Technical   |  2020-04-08


P25 Sharing Equals Cost Savings WhitePaper

CCR  |   P25  |  Operations  |  2020-02-27

The growth of Statewide and Region-wide P25 LMR networks has presented a new value proposition for many counties and municipal agencies. It is now often more cost effective to join the larger P25 Standards based system than to procure/support/maintain or upgrade an existing legacy radio solution.


PSTA LMR/LTE Interoperability Technical Subcommittee Report

TETRA  |   DMR  |   LTE  |   P25  |  Technical   |  2019-08-08

This document describes interoperability of numerous existing LMR technologies to broadband PTT.


Use Case of IoT in Emergency Situations

LTE  |   Broadband  |   Critical IoT  |  5G  |  2019-08-02

Study of use cases and communications involving IoT devices in provision of emergency situations written by ETSI


The Evolution of Security in 5G

LTE  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2019-08-02

This whitepaper explores enhancements in 5G technologies that have been developed to address current and emerging cybersecurity threats in commercial networks.


Assessing the effects of radio failure in high risk incidents

Operations  |  2019-07-12

According to a 2018 SAFECOM survey over 30% of the responding participants report that unplanned system failures greatly affect their organization’s ability to communicate.....


Hytera MVNO Whitepaper

Broadband  |  General  |  2019-07-04

Mission Critical Applications Over Operator’s Broadband Network


TCCA Public Safety Prioritisation

Broadband  |  General  |  2019-06-06

New white paper from TCCA’s Broadband Industry Group looks at the status and challenges of implementing priority mechanisms for first responders.


Multi-bearer enterprise wireless solutions for mission-critical mobile data systems

LTE  |  Operations  |  2019-05-02

Important considerations for implementing a mobile data solution on ESN using a vehicle communications hub with multiple network operators (MNOs), multiple bearers per network, including traffic prioritisation and Quality of Service support.