NRTC and Ericsson Private LTE Case Study - Utilities

Broadband  |  Vertical markets  |  2023-08-01



Broadband  |  6G  |  2023-05-04

This report addresses the journey to next-generation communications systems in the context of the NGA’s earlier report about North America’s Roadmap to 6G which outlined a vision and set of audacious goals for North America. This vision is one of a distributed cloud, computational, and communications architecture that offers much more than a ubiquitous communications fabric for users. This report explores the demand side of the ecosystem. It focuses on eight industry verticals and their applica


How Public Safety Agencies Can Increase Situational Awareness

Broadband  |  Operations  |  2023-04-12

Public safety agencies are embracing the concept of connected first responders, made possible by smartphone technology and powerful mobile applications such as ATAK. With full deployment of smartphones to field personnel, agencies can effectively expand capabilities and provide ready access to mission-critical voice and data, regardless of an individual's assignment or proximity to a patrol vehicle or fire engine. Learn about: The capabilities of ATAK. How smartphones and tablets enable situat


Growth in mobile networks will bring in a new era in critical communications

CCR  |   Broadband  |  General  |  2023-04-07

In this white paper, Mobile Tornado shows how improved coverage is creating new opportunities for push-to-talk over cellular technology. We predict it is just a matter of time before the first blue light service makes the switch to PTToC and others follow.


Radio-based and Wireless Communication

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |   Satellite  |  Comparisons  |  2023-03-14

In all aspects of public safety, resilient communication lines are of utmost importance. However, the need for improved or extended coverage, new data capabilities and interoperability causes some tough considerations. In this – free of charge – paper, our experts discuss the pros and cons of different technologies.


Connected Aviation Report

Broadband  |  Vertical markets  |  2022-07-20

This report provides insights into use cases that can help the industry improve air-side operations and showcases private 5G net- works as the futureproof solution to enable various applications across airlines and airport operators around the world.


What Role will 5G Play for Critical Communications Users

LTE  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2021-09-29


Hytera PoC White Paper

Broadband  |  General  |  2020-06-11


Mirroring Futures: MCX versus FRMCS

Broadband  |  Comparisons  |  2020-05-29

Of all the many disciplines covered under the Railway Systems umbrella, none has evolved so dramatically, and so rapidly, over the two and half decades as has railway mission-critical telecommunications systems. This white paper explores the relationship between two mobile radio standards (MCX and FRMCS), their differences and similarities, potential migration paths between them and the extent at which the 5G roadmap will impact either of them.


Use Case of IoT in Emergency Situations

LTE  |   Broadband  |   Critical IoT  |  5G  |  2019-08-02

Study of use cases and communications involving IoT devices in provision of emergency situations written by ETSI


The Evolution of Security in 5G

LTE  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2019-08-02

This whitepaper explores enhancements in 5G technologies that have been developed to address current and emerging cybersecurity threats in commercial networks.


Hytera MVNO Whitepaper

Broadband  |  General  |  2019-07-04

Mission Critical Applications Over Operator’s Broadband Network


TCCA Public Safety Prioritisation

Broadband  |  General  |  2019-06-06

New white paper from TCCA’s Broadband Industry Group looks at the status and challenges of implementing priority mechanisms for first responders.


The Case For Private, Standard Technology Wireless Mission Critical Communications Networks

Broadband  |  General  |  2019-04-02

For several decades, critical infrastructure entities, such as oil and gas, utilities, rail, and first responders, among others, have relied on their own telecommunications networks. In this whitepaper, Ondas Explains the case for private, standard technology wireless mission critical communications networks.


Cutting Through the Hype: 5G and Its Potential Impacts on Electric Utilities

LTE  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2019-03-22

The Utilities Technology Council (UTC) and its global affiliates released a new white paper focusing on the emergence of 5G communications and whether and how utilities, particularly electric utilities, will be impacted.


Choosing the right mobile device for your organisation's PTT solution

Broadband  |  General  |  2019-02-15

You have identified your two-way radio communication strategy as part of your digital transformation project and now you’re thinking, “Where should I start?” Since your PTT over LTE solution is most likely a smaller project within a larger digital transformation project, it’s important to consider which components are required for multiple digital transformation projects and which components are exclusively for the PTT over LTE project.


When Will 5G Be Ready For PPDR

LTE  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2018-12-17

In this paper we see 5G as an opportunity to satisfy the under-served communication needs of the European PPDR community and its multiple vertical entities, while gaining capability advantage using the most advanced communications solutions for enabling their daily and emergency Operations.


Bringing Mobile First to Public Safety

CCR  |   Broadband  |  General  |  2018-12-11

With the ability of public safety to now truly leverage broadband wireless mission critical communications, the current dynamic mobile communications technology landscape is shifting the public safety market from a focus on large, fixed infrastructure projects to a mobile first approach. In this Whitepaper, Samsung explains the benefits of The DeX solution for public safety agencies that replaces the in-vehicle laptop, and can be used by officers to connect to docking stations upon .......


PSCE White Paper - Next Generation Emergency Services

LTE  |   Control rooms  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2018-10-05

The document addresses the current state of emergency services and the challenges linked to the evolution towards Next Gen. emergency communications and focusses on the vision of the H2020 EMYNOS project.