What Is MCPTT?

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2017-08-10


ESChat Comes to the 2016 Rose Parade

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2017-08-10

ESChat and Sonim Technologies provide secure Push to Talk over LTE on the LA‐RICS FirstNet Band 14 LTE Network including Interoperability with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s P25 Land Mobile Radio Network.


Keys to a Smooth Migration to Digital Alerting

P25  |   Messaging  |  General  |  2017-08-02

You run an analog alerting network with old pagers that barely receive anymore. You’re tired of your pager repair and replacement budget being spent too fast. You’re frustrated with the long delay of your voice dispatch. Your county is looking into a Project 25 (P25) migration project. If any of these statements apply to you, then this white paper will be of interest for you.


4G and 5G for Public Safety

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2017-06-08

The TCCA has created an overview document to clarify the basics of public safety 3GPP standardisation, the 3GPP ecosystem, 4G LTE applicability for public safety, and to look forward to the potential of 5G


Emergency Notifcation for First Respondersand Citizen Populations

Messaging  |  General  |  2017-06-03

Public safety organizations need to have plans in place to take responsibility for the health and safety of large numbers of people. But how well are you really equipped to notify the exact set of people within minutes of becoming aware of an emergency - large or small? In particular, how well has your organization deployed today’s cutting-edge mobile communications technology to address this challenge? And how quickly can you alert large groups of endangered citizens?


A comparison of TETRA and GSM-R for railway communications

Narrowband  |  Comparisons  |  2017-05-16


Benefts of Distributed Critical Communication Architecture

TETRA  |  Technical   |  2017-03-13

In this whitepaper, DAMM describes the benefits of distributed critical communication architecture


Push-To-Talk over Cellular- Integrated LTE and LMR Communication Success in the Mainstream

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2017-03-13

If you are in the market for PTToC you need to first determine exactly what your needs are, then review the offerings available to you, and then test the two or three top contenders side by side to determine which choice offers you the best service, the best selection of features, and the best set of solutions for interconnecting your LMR system to your PTToC system.


Hybrid Study – A discussion on the use of commercial and dedicated networks for delivering Mission Critical Mobile Broadband Services

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2017-02-15

This paper has been written to assist Government organisations and those responsible for Public Safety mobile communications, to consider the most appropriate solution for delivering such capabilities. Issues addressed include spectrum, security, speed of roll out, political influences and cost.


Push-to-talk Over Cellular: The Next Generation for P25/TETRA Land Mobile Radio

TETRA  |   LTE  |   P25  |  General  |  2016-12-12

The objective of this paper is to educate organizations and governments on the bene ts of using PoC solutions over traditional LMR systems.


Why PoC Solutions Make Sense for Critical Communications

Broadband  |  General  |  2016-12-01

Backed by unique research conducted by VDC Research, in this paper, we will explore the evolution of PTT communications among today’s mobile workforce and discuss the opportunity for POC solutions specifcally.


Nokia - It is time for Mobile Broadband in Critical Communications

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2016-11-29

This white paper makes a comparison between LTE and TETRA, which is the leading legacy technology for mission and business critical communications. These technologies are analyzed mainly based on standardized features, but other relevant aspects are discussed as well.


Migrate To XPT White Paper

DMR  |  General  |  2016-10-10

Hytera offers an ideal, cost-effective solution to system operators that need an accelerated migration to advanced DMR technology – eXtended Pseudo Trunk (XPT).


FirstNet lessons learned whitepaper

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2016-09-29

This Whtepaper form Mutualink discusses lessons Learned from Global Attacks and how FirstNet can better prepare the U.S. for crisis response


Thales LTE Position Paper

Broadband  |  Vertical markets  |  2016-09-29

This paper presents Thales’s positioning with respect to the mobile cellular standard, Long Term Evolution (LTE) and describes LTE trials undertaken by Thales and also what transport solutions/ projects Thales is currently delivering with the use of LTE as the radio bearer.


Managing priorities in LTE networks

LTE  |  Technical   |  2016-06-15

Priorities are important for ensuring that public safety users and public safety apps get the service they need in congested networks. Can public safety apps get more priority in LTE networks than kitty videos? Read this paper that has been published by Airbus Defense and Space and you'll know!


Considerations for Government Authorities when they are planning to acquire Mission Critical Mobile Broadband Services

TETRA  |  Vision & Future  |  2016-06-15

Document produced by the TCCA CCBG. The document aims to highlight some of the considerations, both for the users requiring any future mobile broadband service and the actual service providers and mobile operators who will take on the future delivery of these services, when acquiring Mission Critical Broadband Services.


TETRA and DMR Tier III - Which Open digital trunking standard is right for me?

TETRA  |   Narrowband  |  Comparisons  |  2016-06-15

To get a better understanding, Sepura reviews the technological characteristics and key differences of the two technologies.


LTE in Public Safety by Huawei & IHS

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2016-05-30

Huawei partnered with IHS, a leading global analysis firm in the critical communications industry, to develop a whitepaper entitled “LTE in Public Safety”. Released at the 4th eLTE Industry Alliance Summit held on May 30 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the whitepaper outlines customer challenges in the public safety sector and private LTE network development trends, as well as recommendations for the deployment of LTE-based public safety networks.