Choosing the right mobile device for your organisation's PTT solution

Broadband  |  General  |  2019-02-15

You have identified your two-way radio communication strategy as part of your digital transformation project and now you’re thinking, “Where should I start?” Since your PTT over LTE solution is most likely a smaller project within a larger digital transformation project, it’s important to consider which components are required for multiple digital transformation projects and which components are exclusively for the PTT over LTE project.


PPDR Roadmap for evolution from LMR/PMR to 4G/5G

TETRA  |   LTE  |   P25  |  Vision & Future  |  2019-01-10

This paper presents the current roadmap to operational use of mission critical broadband for organisations looking to move away from narrowband networks.


When Will 5G Be Ready For PPDR

LTE  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2018-12-17

In this paper we see 5G as an opportunity to satisfy the under-served communication needs of the European PPDR community and its multiple vertical entities, while gaining capability advantage using the most advanced communications solutions for enabling their daily and emergency Operations.


Bringing Mobile First to Public Safety

CCR  |   Broadband  |  General  |  2018-12-11

With the ability of public safety to now truly leverage broadband wireless mission critical communications, the current dynamic mobile communications technology landscape is shifting the public safety market from a focus on large, fixed infrastructure projects to a mobile first approach. In this Whitepaper, Samsung explains the benefits of The DeX solution for public safety agencies that replaces the in-vehicle laptop, and can be used by officers to connect to docking stations upon .......


The “FirstNet-Ready” Mobile Office- Top Considerations for Connecting First Responders

LTE  |   P25  |  Operations  |  2018-10-08

For reliable and responsive in-vehicle communications, many organizations are turning to the latest wireless technologies that have the capacity to operate today’s commercial networks an FirstNet with support for LTE Band 14. In this whitepaper you can learn about critical factors you should consider when deploying a “FirstNet-ready” mobile office, and the unique benefits of using a capable in-vehicle router to provide connectivity for mission critical applications.


PSCE White Paper - Next Generation Emergency Services

LTE  |   Control rooms  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2018-10-05

The document addresses the current state of emergency services and the challenges linked to the evolution towards Next Gen. emergency communications and focusses on the vision of the H2020 EMYNOS project.


TETRA Connectivity to LTE

TETRA  |   LTE  |  Operations  |  2018-09-18


Advancing the Intelligent Edge with Public Safety LTE

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2018-08-30

Motorola solutions describes where public Safety LTE is taking off where LMR leaves off.


DMR Trunked: Next Generation of LMR Technology

Narrowband  |  General  |  2018-08-30

The white paper outlines the steady growth and evolution path of DMR Tier III technology and provides a comprehensive analysis on its market demand and future adoption in vertical sectors such as Enterprise, Transportation, Utilities and Public Safety.


Cell Broadcast-Based Public Warning Systems – An Effective Solution for Emergency Alerts

Narrowband  |  Comparisons  |  2018-07-24

Cell broadcast-based Public Warning Systems (PWS) is currently the most effective technical solution for large group emergency notifications above other alerting methods in the Americas according to a new report from 5G Americas, the industry trade association and voice of 5G and LTE for the Americas.


VoIP for Radio Networks

Supporting Technologies  |  2018-07-13

Radio over IP (RoIP) provides organizations with a very flexible and reliable network infrastructure. By using the right tools, they can create cost effective networks that can grow and change as their organization grows .....


Critical Communications and Mobile Network Operators - Options for new revenue streams and new market segments

Broadband  |  General  |  2018-06-20

This whitepaper highlights options for new revenue streams & new market segments for Mobile network operators in in next generation critical communications solutions.


Ensuring critical communication with a secure national symbiotic network

LTE  |  Technical   |  2018-06-19

Governments that want to deploy their own dedicated networks for mission-critical communication stand to gain substantial benefits by doing so using commercial cellular 3GPP technology. This approach enables the creation of a symbiotic network configuration that is capable of addressing all kinds of critical communication needs in a society, thereby supporting both public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) and the ongoing digitalization of society.


Security considerations for interconnection of TETRA and Mission Critical broadband systems

TETRA  |   LTE  |  Operations  |  2018-06-07

A new study from TCCA’s Security and Fraud Prevention Group (SFPG) highlights the need for robust processes and best practice to ensure there are no weaknesses in the interworking mechanism that could be exploited by those with malicious intent.


Alternatives for mission-critical services in public mobile networks in Norway

TETRA  |   LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2018-05-11

Norway’s Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) has issued a short paper describing alternatives for implementing a possible mission-critical mobile broadband communications system via commercial mobile networks.


Emerging Wireless Bearers for Mission Critical SCADA

TETRA  |   DMR  |   LTE  |   P25  |  Vision & Future  |  2018-05-08

The paper compares and contrasts emerging wireless bearers for mission critical SCADA.


Lessons from Disaster Relief - The Importance of Communications Resiliency and Preparedness

TETRA  |   DMR  |   LTE  |   P25  |   Messaging  |  Supporting Technologies  |  2018-04-12

This Whitepaper written by Hughes, documents lessons learned after being one of the first organizations on the ground providing communications support in Texas, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands following one of the worst hurricane seasons on record.


5G Americas White Paper: Cellular V2X Communications Towards 5G

LTE  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2018-03-14

The paper also describes how mobile network operators, vehicle manufacturers, cloud service providers and regulatory bodies can work together to deliver a brand-new experience for drivers, travelers and other road users in the near future.


5G Network Programmability for Mission Critical Applications

LTE  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2018-03-14

5G will make it possible for mobile network operators to support enterprises in a wide range of industry segments by providing cellular connectivity to mission-critical applications. The ability to expose policy control to enterprise verticals will create new business opportunities for mobile network operators by enabling a new value chain through the integration of telecom with other industries.


5G for Mission Critical Communication

LTE  |   Broadband  |  5G  |  2018-03-14

This Nokia white paper outlines the needs for ultra-reliability and virtual zero latency communication as well as the solutions to build 5G networks.