Take Control of Your P25 Radio Software

P25 | General | 2017-12-02

efore today, every time you purchased a P25 land mobile radio you paid for the hardware plus all the sofware options. In some cases, the sofware options alone exceed 70% of the radio price. This buying model is outdated and we think it’s time the LMR market catches up to the rest of the consumer market. EFJohnson describes the industry’s first P25 subscriber radio perpetual sofware license program.


P25 and LTE: The best of both worlds

Lte | P25 | Technical | 2017-12-02

Radio communications manufacturier Codan describes the Codan Stratus Solutions that combines LTE and P25 radio communications.


Is your Digital RF Communications System Optimized to Provide the High Performance it was Designed to Deliver?

Dmr | P25 | General | 2017-12-02

This white paper uses statistical data provided through extensive lab testing and through the use of actual recorded digital radio RF transmitter parameters. It shows how modulation alignments of one radio’s transmitter parameters can positively or negatively affect performance of another radio’s receiver.


The Power of Proactive Radio Maintenance

P25 | General | 2017-11-02

This white paper explores a growing trend when it comes to (P25) radio maintenance and examines new possibilities available to ensure radios are kept operational ready at all times.


Why PoC Solutions Make Sense for Critical Communications

Lte | Vertical markets | 2017-10-26

As mobility is transforming how organizations are operating and responding to the growing challenges, VDC Research have witnessed in mobile device, network, and application sophistication, opportunities for PoC to provide business and mission critical voice services for one to one and group communications solutions are scaling rapidly.


ETELM 4GLinked Integrated Solutions for Smart Campus Communications & Security

Lte | Vision & Future | 2017-10-25

ETELM has published a new whitepaper titled “ETELM 4GLinked integrated solution for smart campus communications and security”, which argues that a ‘one-sized-fits-all’ approach to critical communications does not work. The whitepaper explains why new and emerging technologies have the potential to reinvigorate legacy infrastructure such as TETRA, and why the focus must now shift to interoperability as technologies increasingly converge.


The Ultimate Public Safety Broadband solution is a Blue Ocean one

Lte | Vision & Future | 2017-09-20

The obvious and old fashioned solution to enable broadband would be to build dedicated broadband networks for public safety. However, the world has changed a lot since the first digital PMR networks were built. A new business model and a technological solution that saves money in investment, operations and will perform better. A ‘Blue Ocean’ alternative that is likely to be the one implemented everywhere.


P25 Trunking Control Channels

P25 | General | 2017-09-14

The P25 suite of standards is evolving and continuing to grow as technology and user requirements evolve. The standardization of the TDMA control channel will enable multiple manufacturers to support this capability with interoperable equipment.


Network 2020 Mission Critical Communications

Lte | Vision & Future | 2017-08-10

This GSMA whitepaper discusses how the capabilities of LTE networks and especially how broadcasting functionality can be leveraged not only to provide mission critical communications at system parity with existing solutions, but to enrich them by allowing users to exchange multimedia content in addition to voice and enjoy access to mobile broadband.


What Is MCPTT?

Lte | Vision & Future | 2017-08-10


ESChat Comes to the 2016 Rose Parade

Lte | Vision & Future | 2017-08-10

ESChat and Sonim Technologies provide secure Push to Talk over LTE on the LA‐RICS FirstNet Band 14 LTE Network including Interoperability with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s P25 Land Mobile Radio Network.


Keys to a Smooth Migration to Digital Alerting

P25 | Messaging | General | 2017-08-02

You run an analog alerting network with old pagers that barely receive anymore. You’re tired of your pager repair and replacement budget being spent too fast. You’re frustrated with the long delay of your voice dispatch. Your county is looking into a Project 25 (P25) migration project. If any of these statements apply to you, then this white paper will be of interest for you.


4G and 5G for Public Safety

Lte | Vision & Future | 2017-06-08

The TCCA has created an overview document to clarify the basics of public safety 3GPP standardisation, the 3GPP ecosystem, 4G LTE applicability for public safety, and to look forward to the potential of 5G


Emergency Notifcation for First Respondersand Citizen Populations

Messaging | General | 2017-06-03

Public safety organizations need to have plans in place to take responsibility for the health and safety of large numbers of people. But how well are you really equipped to notify the exact set of people within minutes of becoming aware of an emergency - large or small? In particular, how well has your organization deployed today’s cutting-edge mobile communications technology to address this challenge? And how quickly can you alert large groups of endangered citizens?


Benefts of Distributed Critical Communication Architecture

Tetra | Technical | 2017-03-13

In this whitepaper, DAMM describes the benefits of distributed critical communication architecture


Push-To-Talk over Cellular- Integrated LTE and LMR Communication Success in the Mainstream

Lte | Vision & Future | 2017-03-13

If you are in the market for PTToC you need to first determine exactly what your needs are, then review the offerings available to you, and then test the two or three top contenders side by side to determine which choice offers you the best service, the best selection of features, and the best set of solutions for interconnecting your LMR system to your PTToC system.


Hybrid Study – A discussion on the use of commercial and dedicated networks for delivering Mission Critical Mobile Broadband Services

Lte | Vision & Future | 2017-02-15

This paper has been written to assist Government organisations and those responsible for Public Safety mobile communications, to consider the most appropriate solution for delivering such capabilities. Issues addressed include spectrum, security, speed of roll out, political influences and cost.


Push-to-talk Over Cellular: The Next Generation for P25/TETRA Land Mobile Radio

Tetra | Lte | P25 | General | 2016-12-12

The objective of this paper is to educate organizations and governments on the bene ts of using PoC solutions over traditional LMR systems.