The Future is Now : Public Safety LTE Communications

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2013-10-07

As a society, we place many demands on the first responders who safeguard our communities. That means that the mission critical technologies our public safety officials use every day must meet exceedingly high standards as well. New 4G LTE broadband networks will enable powerful and innovative solutions for better protecting our first responders, providing them with the real-time information, the control, the reliability, the security and the performance that are at the core of mission critical


Alcatel Lucent & EADS - Interoperable Mission Critical Broadband/Narrowband Solution for Public Safety Communications

Broadband  |  Vertical markets  |  2013-10-01

In creating the Shared Wireless Broadband Network in August 2007, the FCC recognized that the communication needs of public safety had grown to include interoperable broadband as well as narrowband services. Further work in 2009 by the FCC, the Public Safety Spectrum Trust (PSST), the National Public Safety Telecommunications Committee (NPSTC), DHS/SAFECOM accelerated the goal of creating a nationwide interoperable public safety broadband network utilizing 3GPP’s Long Term Evolution (LTE)...


LTE for utilities - supporting smart grids

Broadband  |  Vertical markets  |  2013-09-30

The introduction of smart meters and smart grid sensors demands a cost-effective and easily deployed communications solution. Laboratory and field tests have demonstrated that LTE networks successfully meet the technical requirements for smart grid communications. LTE offers utilities very low latency, high throughput and QoS differentiation in a single radio access technology, as well as the commercial advantages of a global standard with a major proven technology ecosystem.


Mission Critical Mobile Broadband Whitepaper 2013 - TCCA

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2013-09-28

Practical standardisation & roadmap considerations - This document has been produced by the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA)[1] Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG)[2] to provide supporting information and guidelines for critical communications users, operators and other interested parties who are considering the implementation of mission critical mobile broadband services. It sets out the predicted timeframe for availability of suitable standards and equipment, tog


Long Term Evolutions (LTE) for Public Safety - Enabling Flexible Business Models

LTE  |  Vision & Future  |  2013-09-19

To provide seamless data communication during emergencies, public safety practitioners endorse 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology as the foundation for new wireless networks. LTE offers nationwide interoperability in the 700 MHz band, and it can support key broadband applications that accelerate response times, improve situational awareness support key broadband applications that accelerate response times, improve situational situational awareness — and increase the safety of the public an


Long Term Evolutions (LTE) - A Technical Overview

LTE  |  Technical   |  2013-09-19

Motorola Solutions Inc


TETRA/LTE Migration

TETRA  |   LTE  |  Operations  |  2013-08-08

Deploying the MTS4L TETRA/LTE Base station - Written by Motorola Solutions in August 2013 - The combination of TETRA Secure and Resilient Digital Communications with an LTE overlay offers operators and end users a win-win situation. TETRA will continue to meet public safety and mission critical and wideband data needs for the next 10 years or more, LTE roll-out to offer broadband data services. In fact as users become more familiar with the experience of video and rich data on public mobile net


Energy efficiency in TETRA systems

TETRA  |  Technical   |  2012-04-02

Green values have gained enormous importance in the world the last years, energy prices are rising rapidly and pollution threats are day-to-day news. Unfortunately these principles are often not considered for mission critical system such as TETRA. Rohill describes how energy reduction of more than 70% can be achieved


TEDS: Enabling the Next Evolution of Mission Critical Data Applications

TETRA  |  Vision & Future  |  2010-12-02

In this whitepaper, the increasing importance of new data applications is examined with respect to the bene ts they offer to public safety and commercial organisations. The importance of these data applications, it is argued, demands as reliable and robust a communications infrastructure as provided by TETRA for existing voice and data services.