DMR Association

The DMR Association (DMRA) began in 2005 as a group of market leading public mobile radio manufacturers to support ETSI during the DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) standardisation process.

The DMR Association’s Technical Working Group works constantly on the Interoperability process, providing standards certification for manufacturers, the majority of which is at the highest Tier 3 specification.

Membership is open to all organisations or individuals where DMR is a regular part of their business and for those working to support the professional use of the DMR standard in other ways.

The DMRA works with its members, worldwide, to ensure that DMR Digital Mobile Radio is the most widely supported digital business radio standard. Members are companies, organisations and individuals who use or build DMR products professionally or those working to support the DMR standard in other ways. By using a combination of education, awareness, certification and interoperability training we operate to make sure that business buyers of today’s digital radio technology have the security of knowing that they are investing in the future. The DMRA has been established to ensure that DMR products exist within a successful, open, multi-vendor chain.

Mission and Objectives

  • Operate an equipment interoperability testing and certification program.
  • Communicate with the user community to capture new requirements.
  • Enhance the feature set of DMR with new functions.
  • Offer education and updates about the standard.
  • Give advise to regulators to ascertain an environment in which the technology can flourish.