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Airbus Makes its Entrance into the European Police Congress 2018

Tetra | Lte | 2018-02-01

Airbus showcases its latest developments of mission-critical communications technology at the 21st European Police Congress in Berlin on the 6th and 7th February 2018.

Airbus Throws Spotlight on Tactilon Dabat to Develop Apps for Local Security Agencies

Tetra | Lte | 2018-01-22

Tactilon Dabat comes equipped with Android features and special ergonomics for radio use making it one full device for full critical connectivity.

Digital Licensed Mobile Radio Beats Analog for the First Time in 2017

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | 2018-01-18

According to IHS Markit’s Ryan Darrand, senior analyst, critical communications, the number of digital licensed mobile radio (LMR) users exceeded the number of analog users for the first time in 2017, with over 24 million digital users.

Motorola Solutions Implements Nationwide TETRA Communications Network for the Police of Moldova

Tetra | 2018-01-18

Motorola Solutions has signed a contract with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova for the expansion of their mission-critical TETRA communications network.

TETRA Operator Entropia Acquires Mobitex Network

Tetra | 2018-01-14

Entropia group today announced that it has acquired the Belgian-Dutch national mobile data network "Mobitex" from RAM Mobile Data.

Into the future with Hytera – stronger together in Central and Eastern Europe

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | 2018-01-12

Professional mobile communications of top quality and highest security standards, latest innovations and proven solutions, united in 1 global group of companies: Hytera offers the most comprehensive portfolio of TETRA, DMR & LTE technology solutions.

ASTRID Celebrates 20 Years of Public Safety Communications in Belgium During User Days 2018

Tetra | Lte | 2018-01-11

The date for the next ASTRID User Days is fixed.The 7th edition of the two-day user days will take place on October 3 and 4, 2018 at the Square Brussels Meeting Center.

Next Generation Nødnett in Commercial Mobile Networks

Tetra | Lte | 2018-01-09

With a RFI, DSB (Directorate for civil protection and emergency planning) queries if it is realistic to run the next generation Nødnett on a commercial mobile network.

Basque TETRA Network Operator Appoints New General Manager

Tetra | 2018-01-08

The Basque Government's Publicly-Owned telecommunications company appointed Matxalen Lauzirika Jauregi as the new General Manager for Itelazpi.

The Latest Cool & Smart PMR Communication Inventions Exhibited at PMRExpo

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | Messaging | 2017-12-29

The World’s first IoT pager and IoT communication vest to enhance critical communications.

MSB Warns for Short Interruption of Communication on RAKEL TETRA Network

Tetra | 2017-12-20

RAKEL says that the effect of an exchange between the older TB2 models to the new TB3 base station models, is an interruption of communication for about 15 minutes. This only happens when the actual exchange of a base station is made.

Energa and SAR to Use TETRA Communications to Enhance Safety at Sea

Tetra | 2017-12-19

Enrega, one of the four largest power groups in Poland, offers its communication system as a service to SAR (Maritime Search and Rescue Service) in order be more effective in search and rescue operations at sea.

Bulgarian Authorities to Repair a 163 MIO Euro Historic Mistake

Tetra | 2017-12-15

Two state telecom organizations are currently looking for a future of two existing TETRA networks. After investing 163 MIO Euro into these two TETRA networks, the state should decide what to do with them.

Airbus puts to use Trailblazing Communication Solution for the Fortune Global Forum in China

Tetra | Lte | 2017-12-14

For the first time in Asia Airbus converged successfully narrow- and broadband technology during an operation

Finnish MNO's Test Priority on 4G with Police, Erillisverkot and Nokia

Tetra | Lte | 2017-12-14

VIRVE together with Nokia, Ericsson and the three major national MNOs have performed the 1st round of testing of authority prioritisation in 4G networks to study the availability of broadband authority data services under congestion situations.

Airbus CyberSecurity Predictions for 2018

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | Messaging | 2017-12-14

Researchers at Airbus’ external Cyber Security business have compiled their top technology predictions for 2018, based on trends identified at its Security Operations Centres in France, UK and Germany during 2017.

Entropia Increases Equity by 25 Million Euros and Lays the Foundation for Further Growth

Tetra | 2017-12-11

Entropia, a provider of specialized mission-critical communication solutions, has achieved a consolidated (operating cash flow) EBITDA break-even result in 2017.

Imtradex Strenghtens Partnership with Invisio

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | 2017-12-08

German radio accesory manufacturer Imtradex announced recently that the comppany created a dedicated department that is taking care about the product portfolio of Invisio communications from Denmark.

18th PSCE Conference Discusses Use of Public Safety Video, IoT and More

Tetra | Lte | Messaging | 2017-12-08

During the conference, the first stage of a pan-European interoperable public safety network was further presente as well as other topics such as the General Data Protection Regulation, Public Safety IoT & video.

First ISI TETRA Group Call between Finland and Norway Completed

Tetra | 2017-12-08

Finland and Norway are today implementing roaming in their administrative radio networks as the second pair of countries in the world. Public officers will use a shared communications channel when roaming.