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Hytera Reaches Milestone in Peru: 10,000 TETRA Terminals Delivered

Ccr | Tetra | 2017-12-07

Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH reached a milestone of 10,000 TETRA terminals shipped in Peru. This demonstrates the trust that Peruvian public and private users put in Hytera to deliver mission critical communication services in order to satisfy its needs.

Airbus leads Belgium to a First-Rate National Tetra Radio Network

Ccr | Tetra | 2017-12-07

Airbus and Proximus will upgrade Belgian public safety radio communications network - largest project for operator Astrid in the past ten years

Etelm: Internconnecting Legacy Technologies and LTE will Revolutionise Operations in Mission Critical Communications

Tetra | Lte | 2017-11-30

The migration from TETRA to LTE will not come without its challenges, but a unified, standardized platform is the answer, says ETELM President.

Hytera Launches DecryptAir at PMRExpo 2017

Tetra | 2017-11-28

With the presentation of the DecryptAir from fjord-e-design, Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH, this week, introduced a new product for the analysis of encrypted TETRA radio networks at PMRExpo in Cologne.

Motorola Solutions showcases Industry-leading Innovations for Public Safety and commercial customers at PMRExpo 2017

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | Messaging | 2017-11-27

New Mission-Critical software-based Solutions lead the way for an integrated future of combined TETRA and LTE broadband communication

Hytera Presents TETRA and DMR technology Highlights at PMRExpo 2016

Tetra | Dmr | 2016-11-23

Also this year Hytera is presenting a stand at the PMRExpo in Cologne. The well-known manufacturer of professional wireless communications equipment will be calling for attention with some new highlights.

DAMM replaces P25 system with TETRA for the Madhya Pradesh Police

Tetra | P25 | 2016-03-03

The Digital TETRA Radio Trunking System is expected to serve the communication requirement of all coordination, crowd management and law and order activities during SIMHASTHA 2016, the largest human aggregation on earth.