PSTA LMR/LTE Interoperability Technical Subcommittee Report

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | Technical | 2019-08-08

This document describes interoperability of numerous existing LMR technologies to broadband PTT.


PPDR Roadmap for evolution from LMR/PMR to 4G/5G

Tetra | Lte | P25 | Vision & Future | 2019-01-10

This paper presents the current roadmap to operational use of mission critical broadband for organisations looking to move away from narrowband networks.


TETRA Connectivity to LTE

Tetra | Lte | Operations | 2018-09-18


Security considerations for interconnection of TETRA and Mission Critical broadband systems

Tetra | Lte | Operations | 2018-06-07

A new study from TCCA’s Security and Fraud Prevention Group (SFPG) highlights the need for robust processes and best practice to ensure there are no weaknesses in the interworking mechanism that could be exploited by those with malicious intent.


Alternatives for mission-critical services in public mobile networks in Norway

Tetra | Lte | Vision & Future | 2018-05-11

Norway’s Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) has issued a short paper describing alternatives for implementing a possible mission-critical mobile broadband communications system via commercial mobile networks.


Emerging Wireless Bearers for Mission Critical SCADA

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | Vision & Future | 2018-05-08

The paper compares and contrasts emerging wireless bearers for mission critical SCADA.


Lessons from Disaster Relief - The Importance of Communications Resiliency and Preparedness

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | Messaging | Supporting Technologies | 2018-04-12

This Whitepaper written by Hughes, documents lessons learned after being one of the first organizations on the ground providing communications support in Texas, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands following one of the worst hurricane seasons on record.


Benefts of Distributed Critical Communication Architecture

Tetra | Technical | 2017-03-13

In this whitepaper, DAMM describes the benefits of distributed critical communication architecture


Push-to-talk Over Cellular: The Next Generation for P25/TETRA Land Mobile Radio

Tetra | Lte | P25 | General | 2016-12-12

The objective of this paper is to educate organizations and governments on the bene ts of using PoC solutions over traditional LMR systems.


Considerations for Government Authorities when they are planning to acquire Mission Critical Mobile Broadband Services

Tetra | Vision & Future | 2016-06-15

Document produced by the TCCA CCBG. The document aims to highlight some of the considerations, both for the users requiring any future mobile broadband service and the actual service providers and mobile operators who will take on the future delivery of these services, when acquiring Mission Critical Broadband Services.


TETRA and DMR Tier III - Which Open digital trunking standard is right for me?

Tetra | Dmr | Comparisons | 2016-06-15

To get a better understanding, Sepura reviews the technological characteristics and key differences of the two technologies.


Blue Light Futures

Tetra | Vision & Future | 2015-10-30

Drones, telemetry, mobile apps and cloud computing will revolutionise public safety by 2020. Airwave calls for multidisciplinary working group to ensure all public safety agencies realise the benefits of technology.


Public Safety 2019 Survey Final

Tetra | Vision & Future | 2015-08-11

The "Public Safety 2019 the migration to more connected communications " whitepaper, released by Motorola Solutions discusses in-depth the way that public safety agencies will communicate in the future.


Mobile Telecommunications and Health research Programme 2012

Tetra | Operations | 2014-02-19

The pulsed nature of TETRA handset transmissions has been a source of significant concern for the public and certain occupational groups. After years of study we can say that much of this concern is based on misunderstanding.


TETRA Enhanced Data Services on TETRA 1 Hardware

Tetra | Technical | 2014-01-19

The purpose of this whitepaper is to examine the capability of existing CML devices, already used for TETRA 1 designs, to be re-used as a platform for TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS) within the TETRA 2 release standard.


The Challenge of Managing and Operating TETRA Networks

Tetra | Operations | 2014-01-19

TETRA networks are difficult to manage and operate, because they are often linked to a complex infrastructure based on multiple technologies, vendors and domains. In this environment, advanced Operations Support Systems (OSS) can help organizations meet the dual challenge of holding down costs while enhancing network performance and reliability


TETRA vs P25 presentation

Tetra | P25 | Comparisons | 2014-01-19

Presentation of the comparison of TETRa and P25, written by Tony Gray, Chairman of the TCCA Broadband Group.


TETRA QoS evaluation and monitoring

Tetra | Technical | 2014-01-19

This whitepaper, describes Samdales understanding of how a TETRA network should be evaluated and monitored to access the best Quality of Service from the underlying coverage and with that run the network most effectively both in an economical and operational way.


Connect Smartphones to TETRA

Tetra | Vision & Future | 2014-01-19

By leveraging the high speed 3G/LTE network for transferring large volumes of data (encrypted and compressed), and the reliability of TETRA to transfer sensitive prioritized low volume data; Crystal TETRA Mobility is the natural choice for any organization looking to increase efficiency, task fulfillment and responsiveness. This whitepaper is more of a promotional document written by Crystal code to promote the different applications .