Sepura, Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio and Nielson Communications to play major role in first US TETRA demonstration project

Tetra | 2011-01-18

The TETRA demonstration will be open and accessible to potential PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) users in the US.

Analysys Mason Exhibiting & Presenting at TETRA Abu Dhabi

Tetra | 2011-01-17

"TETRA: Real Applications in Practice"

CASSIDIAN and Ericsson complete extension of TETRA network to secure Bulgarian borders

Tetra | 2011-01-17

Extension doubles previous network size to cover more than 80% of Bulgarian territory and improves security at Borders

Tamil Nadu Police in India enrols Sepura

Tetra | 2011-01-17

The  Tamil Nadu Police is the fifth largest State Force Police in India with over 87,900 personnel

Artevea Digital Limited secures further contract to supply the Comando Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armadas del Ecuador

Tetra | 2011-01-14

contract secured by Artevea's local partner Vitercom CIA LTD.

Motorola to Host TEDS Interoperability Testing Event

Tetra | 2011-01-14

The IOP test sessions will be held in accordance with the TETRA Association IOP rules

Sepura secures first monorail project in India

Tetra | 2011-01-10

The Mumbai Monorail project is the very first of its type in India

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Secures Operations with Sepura

Tetra | 2011-01-09

Airport’s technical staff selected the Sepura STP8000 hand held radio because of its superior sound quality

TETRA Web Portal appoints Agnita Cheung as Sales & Content Manager

Tetra | 2011-01-07

Agnita is known as a successful and experienced manger with a "just do it" mentality..

EmerGeo Software Supports TETRA-based Vehicle and People Tracking System

Tetra | 2011-01-07

This system was a collaborative effort with Atlas Telecom, and will be initially deployed in the United Arab Emirates.

DAMM provides enhanced safety on Moscow Metro

Tetra | 2011-01-05

Moscow Metro found TETRA to be the most suitable technology to meet their requirements.

Cassidian Rolls Out Swedish Nationwide Radio Communications Network

Tetra | 2010-12-23

The network serves around 31,000 users, a number slated to rise to 70,000 within a few years.

Hytera President Speaks at Shenzhen-Hong Kong Official Forum

Tetra | 2010-12-21

President Chen was invited as a winner of 2010 Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award...

Successful year for Creowave

Tetra | 2010-12-17

In spring, Creowave launched TETRA Highpower Repeater which completes the wide TETRA repeater collection of the company

Cassidian Network Secures Asian Games in China

Tetra | 2010-12-15

for more than 60.000 users, 2 switches and almost 200 base stations

TETRA technology vital in policing - Kapinga

Tetra | 2010-12-10

Tetra Radio Communication System for use by the Botswana Police Air Force and ground operatives...

Digital radio to keep tab on errant Kolkata cops

Tetra | 2010-12-06

Kolkata Police have a strength of 26,000 personnel

Creowave @ TETRA World Congress 24-27.5.2011

Tetra | 2010-12-02

the event is held in Budapest, Hungary, between the 24th and 27th May.

Motorola Solutions Announces New Board of Directors Effective Jan. 4

Tetra | 2010-12-02

Motorola Solutions, Inc., will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “MSI".

Christoper Ramsden joins PowerTrunk

Tetra | 2010-12-01

he knows how to size up opportunities and focus on higher probability “wins”.