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HMF attends CCW in Helsinki with Smart Solutions and Concepts | CCW2023

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Visitors can expect a wide range of new products, innovative communication solutions and smart system integration concepts at the HMF stand L21 in Hall 5.

HMF Smart Solutions will be exhibiting at Critical Communications World (CCW), 23-25 May, at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. Visitors can expect a wide range of new products, innovative communication solutions and smart system integration concepts at the HMF stand L21 in Hall 5.

Connect. Communicate. HMF’s highly available and secure radio communication is ready for the future, individually adaptable to the constantly growing requirements.

“We take a technology-independent approach. Today’s and tomorrow’s individual requirements, demands and needs of our customers are the decisive factors for us,” explains Martin Hucke, Chief Business Officer at HMF. “As established specialists in TETRA, LTE and 5G radio communication, we are the experts in bringing together the best of the different technology worlds into a tailored solution for our customers.”

TETRA – Future-Proof Eco System

TETRA is still THE leading technology for mission-critical voice communication and also will be in thefuture.

“Our TETRA ecosystem from HMF Smart Solutions is not only state-of-the-art because it is undisputedly powerful, highly available and reliable. With strong security features, ACCESSNET®-T IPis also armed against infrastructure threats today and tomorrow, always at the cutting edge of protection against cyber attacks,” says Marco Martinato, Business Development Manager. “In addition, our TETRA ecosystem offers many possibilities for connecting a wide variety of broadband applications. This makes it very flexible to expand and adapt to new requirements.”

Best in Class: At CCW, HMF Smart Solutions presents the brand new PT590 TETRA radio. With outstanding audio quality, excellent radio coverage, productivity enhancing and advanced security features, the PT590 takes TETRA communication to a completely new level. The PT590 is the first TETRA radio in class to support voice control and to offer a universal USB Type-C port.

Migrate your TETRA network to Mission-Critical services (MCx)

HMF has developed an intelligent, lean and economical concept for the implementation of mission-critical services (MCx) through an integrated system core. HMF’s MCx solution, developed in Germany, offers all typical mission-critical services (3GPP compliant) and multiple functional extensions for smart migration options. Users benefit from various bridging technologies (e. g. PoC) that cleverly enhance, extend and evolve existing TETRA networks. Sustainable migration starts today.

Evolving Networks – Extending Safety

The use of intelligent video applications can improve situational awareness in a wide range of areas and thus significantly increase safety – not only for police forces, but also, for example, for fire brigades, civil protection and disaster prevention, but also in other areas such as forestry, agriculture and industry. At CCW, HMF Smart Solutions will be showing operating examples of applications for video transmission via 4G/5G with multimedia dispatch extensions and state-of-the-art devices.

Private 5G for Governmental Missions

Increased security and protection for employees and buildings, bug-proof communication and asset management in combination with the possibility of smart building control and supply: With state-of-the-art 5G technology and smart system integration concepts, HMF Smart Solutions offers customised, mission-critical overall systems for government agencies such as ministries, embassies and (general) consulates. Fast and reliable communication when it really matters: Flexible, ad-hoc broadband communication solutions are used effectively in disaster scenarios and large-scale emergency, especially in scenarios where the regular communication infrastructure is no longer available. 

Private 5G for Governmental Missions. Virtually everywhere. Anytime.