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UK Home Office Upgrades Border Force Legacy Radio Systems to PTToC System

Broadband  |  2023-06-01

Modernises technology used by employees for adherence to Border Forces’ data and technology strategies.

Hytera Mission-critical Push-to-talk Solution Wins Flagship Industry Award

Broadband  |  2023-05-27

This Mission-critical Push-to-talk (MCPTT) deployment highlights a clear path for the migration of the private communications network in the utility sector.

Fire and Rescue New South Wales Extends Safety and Security with SmartConnect from Motorola Solutions

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |   Satellite  |  2023-05-26

New service extends the reach and capability of resilient, secure communication

Indonesian Law Enforcement Embraces POCSTARS Push-to-talk Solution

Broadband  |  2023-05-22

POCSTARS' services have been adopted by one of Indonesia's Provincial Police Departments, an essential law enforcement agency in the country's new capital.

Teltronic Fosters the Digital Transformation of Rail Transport Through the MoySEST Project

Broadband  |  2023-05-19

The main objective is to promote the development of train-to-ground critical communication applications through next-generation technologies, such as 5G and FRMCS, in line with the regulatory framework for cybersecurity for 5G networks planned in Spain.

Local 5G and TETRA Interconnected at Narita International Airport

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-05-19

Realized breakthrough integrated mission-critical communication environment in airport.

HMF attends CCW in Helsinki with Smart Solutions and Concepts | CCW2023

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-05-17

Visitors can expect a wide range of new products, innovative communication solutions and smart system integration concepts at the HMF stand L21 in Hall 5.

Motorola Solutions’ Connected Vehicle on Tour through Europe

Control rooms  |   Narrowband  |   Broadband  |   Video  |  2023-05-17

Public safety professionals to experience advanced, integrated control room capabilities delivered to the streets.

Caltta Assist in Creating a Secure Capital for Mauritania

Broadband  |  2023-05-17

The whole system is independently developed by Caltta based on the 4G mobile communication technology.

Public Safety Communications Europe Conference - a Huge Success

Broadband  |  2023-05-12

Overall, the first PSCE event in 2023 contributed to strengthening the links between researchers, practitioners and end-users and contribute towards more effective future collaboration.

Nokia and Claro Deploy the First Industrial-Grade Private 4.9G Wireless Network in a Maritime Terminal in Colombia

Broadband  |   Critical IoT  |  2023-05-09

The industrial-grade private 4.9G wireless network that will be deployed in Puerto Bahía will provide robust connectivity with low latency, high predictability, and greater mobility

Motorola Solutions Gives Public Safety in Portugal a Mission-Critical Boost

Narrowband  |  2023-05-08

Portuguese government invests in nationwide TETRA digital radio critical communications network

Norwegian Public Safety Critical Communications Broadband Network one Step Closer

Broadband  |  2023-05-08

Norway has taken an important decision about a new emergency critical communications network that combines state ownership and purchases from commercial mobile operators.

Secapp Signs MOU with STC Specialized to Develop Emergency Services and Technologies

Narrowband  |  2023-05-05

The MOU signing ceremony was held in Riyadh, on December 2022.

HMF Strengthens its Commitment to Austria with New Subsidiary

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-05-04

HMF Smart Solutions takes over Hytera Austria (formerly 3T Communications AG) as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Next G Alliance Maps the Future of 6G for Public Safety Communications and other Vertical Markets

Broadband  |   Satellite  |   Critical IoT  |   Video  |  2023-05-04

According to the Alliance, technologies for precise location, NR-sidelink and integration of terrestrial (TN) and NTN including UAVs are amongst the technologies that will be important in driving public safety in the 6G era.

Meep and Entropia to Launch Critical Communications Broadband Service

Broadband  |  2023-05-02

Meep, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, and Entropia are building a Critical Broadband Service

IHM to Deliver Radio Communications for The Norwegian Northern Light Carbon Storage Project

Control rooms  |   Narrowband  |  2023-05-02

The new system offers many features such as dispatching, two-way communication, conference calls, individual calls and voice recording.

Video from Drones, Analysis by AI Supported by 4G/5G Critical Communications Private Networks, a Valuable Aid in the Search for People

Control rooms  |   Video  |  2023-04-26

Integration Drones and private broadband communications system with AI systems raises this effectiveness to a new level for the Zaragoza Fire Brigade

Vodafone Launches 5G Standalone Mobile Private Network Solution

Broadband  |  2023-04-26

Vodafone launches 5G Standalone connectivity over its standardised Mobile Private Network solution to offer ultra-low latency, high availability connectivity to power businesses into the future.