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Philippine Police Push-To-Talk with Inrico Radios during Presidential Election

Lte | 2022-05-20

Inrico provided PNP a complete communication system, including PoC radios and accessories, PTT APP, and dispatch console to enable reliable team communications.

Hytera Launches New Dual-Mode Rugged Public Safety Radio

Dmr | Lte | 2022-05-09

Hytera announced that it has launched the PDC680, a new dual-mode rugged radio PDC680 to accelerate the Public Safety intelligence experience.

New Digital Two-way Radios from Caltta Boost Business Productivity

Dmr | 2022-05-05

Caltta DH400/410/460 radios bring versatile and practical voice call features to the staff and the best value for money to business owners.

Federal Police Exhibits During ASTRID User Days 2022


The Belgian Federal Police wil demonstrate the latest in cross border roaming using semi-roaming, TETRA online training tools, Video streaming capabilities, ANPR and i-Police amongst others.

BelFone Donation Empowers Campaigns against COVID-19

Dmr | 2022-04-28

Compared to smartphones, the intuitiveness of push-to-talk radios are superb for personnel wearing medical gloves and 'bunny' suits.

New Digital Two-Way Radio from Motorola Solutions Cuts Through the Noise for Clear, Reliable Team Communications

Dmr | 2022-04-28

MOTOTRBO™ R7 offers enhanced audio and rugged design for optimal performance in noisy, harsh environments.

Reading Half Marathon 2022 Keeps Going with Caltta eChat Communications Solution

Lte | 2022-04-26

eChat utilizes the carriers’ 3G/4G/Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide wide coverage and unlimited channels and free users from traditional PMR networks’ limited coverage and capacity.

Hytera Critical Communications Solution Assists 13 Astronauts on their Safe Return to Earth

Dmr | 2022-04-25

Ground crews and rescue teams adopted Hytera’s DMR two way radios for clear, stable and long distance communications.

Guadalajara BRT Selects Inrico for Push-to-talk Radio Communications

Lte | 2022-04-14

The city's public transportation used to be equipped with traditional analogue two-way radios, whose most obvious bottleneck is the system’s limited coverage.

Teltronic Provides Mission-Critical Communication Systems at Six Philippine Airports

Tetra | 2022-04-14

TETRA solution replaces the existing DMR and Analog networks, delivering great operational improvements, and is the first TETRA system in airport environments in the Philippines.

Statnett Donates TETRA Terminals to Norwegian Red Cross Search & Rescue Corps

Tetra | 2022-04-06

The donated radios were part of the Nødnett pilot for Statnett.

ASTRID to Focus on the Future of Police Communications during ASTRID User Days

Tetra | Lte | 2022-04-05

During the upcoming ASTRID User Days, the critical communications network operator will run a full program with the focus on Mobilidata, the role of EENA, warning systems, MONOcam and new police applications through i-Police.

Powerboat P1 Extends Partnership with Icom


Powerboat P1, the world's leading marine motorsport promoter, has announced the extension of its partnership agreement with Icom in the U.S..

Motorola Solutions Expands Its Broadband Push-to-Talk Services Across Switzerland

Lte | 2022-04-01

As part of the contract, Motorola Solutions is also providing a range of rugged devices, including the TLK100, Evolve and LEX L11.

Hytera's New Enhanced Two-Way Business Radios are Now Available

Dmr | 2022-03-30

These radios will allow users to communicate quickly and easily, making their work more efficient and productive.

Blueforce Announces Deep Platform Integration for Airbus Tactilon® Agnet Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT)

Lte | 2022-03-24

Today, Blueforce announces support for Mission Critical Push-to-Talk through their new partnership with Airbus

Hytera Demonstrates Leading Policing Innovations at the 2022 World Police Summit


On 14-17 March 2022, Hytera presented a variety of cutting-edge policing ideas at the World Police Summit.

pei tel Launches Rugged Smartphones and Tablet for Professional Use

Lte | 2022-03-23

pei tel Communications GmbH now offers two rugged smartphones, the PT-B800 and PT-C600, and the PT-Q810 tablet, all with PTT function.

Airbus Supports Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 with Mission-Critical Communication Solutions

Tetra | Critical-control-rooms | 2022-03-23

Airbus Secure Land Communications served as the critical communication technology partner of the recently concluded Bahrain Grand Prix 2022.

Hypha by Wireless Innovation Inc. Announces Launch of the Deployable HyphaMESH Range Extension (REX) Kit


The HyphaMESH REX Kit extends the range of reliable broadband communications for emergency responders in areas where network coverage is limited, down or degraded, or does not exist.