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Nokia Launches Industrial 5G Devices to keep Workers Safe and Connected in Industrial Environments

Broadband  |  2023-09-28

Updated Nokia Team Comms aligns to 3GPP defined MCS (Mission Critical Services) standard for public safety, mines, ports and other verticals.

Airbus Partners with POST Luxembourg to Provide Agnet to Critical Communications Market in Luxembourg

Broadband  |  2023-09-26

Airbus signed a partnership with POST Luxembourg – Luxembourg’s largest fixed and mobile network operator - to introduce its Agnet MCx critical communication and collaboration solution to the Luxembourg market.

Report: CBRS Network Infrastructure a $1.5 Billion Opportunity, Says SNS Telecom & IT

Broadband  |  2023-09-25

The report comes with an associated Excel datasheet suite covering quantitative data from all numeric forecasts presented in the report, as well as a database of over 800 LTE/5G NR-based CBRS network engagements – as of Q3’2023.

Verizon Frontline Survey Reveals 5G, Network Reliability Among top Priorities for First Responders

Broadband  |  2023-09-23

5G is a must-have: Almost a quarter of respondents (23%) said they view 5G as a top priority, up from 18% last year. Another 54% this year said it was an important priority.

Skylo and Druid to Showcase How Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) Enable Livestock Monitoring and Agribusiness


Partnership brings cutting-edge connectivity solutions to various industries, including livestock tracking, smart farming, fleet management, search and rescue, oil and gas, and more.

Selcom Academy Moves Dedicated Private LTE and Radio Communications Training to New Location

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-09-06

Selcom Academy, this week, announced its new, more spacious location in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. 

Northcom and Nokia Accelerate Private 5G Deployment

Broadband  |  2023-09-04

The company with operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, has a proven track record of providing TETRA solutions, Industry 4.0 integration and advisory services.

New Research Published; Are Mission-Critical Networks over 5G the Next Big Thing for CSPs to Monetize 5G?

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-09-04

Mission Critical Communications are going through a great transition: From TETRA to 5G.

ASTRID Plans 5G Critical Communications Broadband Network in 2027

Broadband  |  2023-08-31

New management agreement provides the basis for a new 5G communication network for the Belgian emergency and security services.

Swisscom to Deliver Rapid Deployable Private 5G Network in a Box

Broadband  |  2023-08-29

According to Swisscom, their technology possesses the capability to be readily expandable in terms of accommodating a larger number of devices and expanding the coverage area.

BMW Improves Operations in South Carolina Plant with Private 5G

Broadband  |  2023-08-27

. In order to develop and maintain a digital duplicate of the plant, workers are also equipped with scanning devices.

Druid Software Tested and Validated on Rakuten Symphony Symcloud™ Platform

Broadband  |  2023-08-16

Collaboration to deliver innovative 5G solutions for advanced connectivity in the enterprise sector.

Nearby Computing and Druid Software Partner to Expand the Adoption of Mobile Private Networks

Broadband  |  2023-07-20

Nearby Computing, the industry-leader platform for Edge Computing Orchestration and Automation, and Druid Software have signed a strategic partnership to develop and promote a joint solution based on the combination of the two companies’ flagship products

HMF Welcomes Lower Saxony’s Minister President

Broadband  |  2023-07-06

Lower Saxony’s Minister President Stephan Weil recently was a guest at HMF Smart Solutions to learn about 5G campus networks.

Caltta SVP Presents Emergency Rescue Keynote Speech at MWC Shanghai

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-07-04

Richard Sun Mingliang, Senior Vice President of Caltta discussed the importance of overall situation awareness for commanders and first responders during disaster rescue operations.

SES-18 C-Band Satellite Goes Operational - Supporting Critical Communications in the U.S.

Satellite  |  2023-06-28

SES has completed the successful in-orbit deployment of five of the six new satellites as part of a broader FCC program to clear a portion of C-band spectrum to enable wireless operators to deploy 5G services across the contiguous U.S.

Local 5G and TETRA Interconnected at Narita International Airport

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-05-19

Realized breakthrough integrated mission-critical communication environment in airport.

HMF attends CCW in Helsinki with Smart Solutions and Concepts | CCW2023

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-05-17

Visitors can expect a wide range of new products, innovative communication solutions and smart system integration concepts at the HMF stand L21 in Hall 5.

Nokia and Claro Deploy the First Industrial-Grade Private 4.9G Wireless Network in a Maritime Terminal in Colombia

Broadband  |   Critical IoT  |  2023-05-09

The industrial-grade private 4.9G wireless network that will be deployed in Puerto Bahía will provide robust connectivity with low latency, high predictability, and greater mobility

Nokia Unveils First CE-Certified 5G Automated Drone-in-a-Box Solution for Secure, Reliable Public Sector and Industrial Operations

Broadband  |   Video  |  2023-05-02

The solution will be featured at Nokia booth J60 during Critical Communications World in Helsinki, 23-25 May 2023.