TETRA  |  2019-10-07

New Global Report on TETRA Shows Continued Market Momentum

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

IHS Markit research demonstrates continued trust in the worldwide critical communications standard.

Steady growth across all sectors is the summary finding of the new IHS Markit Technology report on the demand for TETRA terminals. The increase in demand is led by the Industrial user vertical, where eight per cent* increase is predicted to 2023. Other markets with more than five per cent anticipated growth include Transport and Utilities, while the public safety market is predicted to grow its TETRA installed base by more than four per cent in the 12 months to December 2020.

In terms of regional figures, the North American market leads with almost 15 per cent increase in the installed base of active radios forecast to 2023, with Latin America showing almost six per cent growth in the same timescale, and Asia heading towards five per cent. Growth in Europe is predicted to be less but still on the upward curve, taking into account the expected delivery of both hybrid and broadband terminals in the coming years, while the Middle East and Africa maintain the steady growth the region has seen since 2015.

The installed base of dual mode TETRA/LTE terminals is forecast to grow by more than 100 per cent to 2023, an increase widely anticipated as critical broadband networks emerge, however that equates to less than 100,000 terminals expected in total over the next three years.

“Secure mission critical voice communications coupled with push to talk capabilities through multiple mediums including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers have become the need of the hour for effective public safety and emergency services.” said Ramya Balakrishnan, Senior Research Analyst, IHS Markit Technology. “Having said that, TETRA has definitely become one of the most dominant technologies in the public safety domain, with massive refreshes emerging in mature markets. TETRA is also gaining momentum in other business verticals, including transportation and utilities with its new first of the kind deployments in the emerging and developing nations."

“Even with the anticipated emergence of critical broadband services, it is clear from this comprehensive report that TETRA continues to be seen as an essential mission critical technology, not only for maintaining existing networks but for significant new contracts,” said Francesco Pasquali, chair of TCCA’s TETRA Industry Group.

“We continue to see a steady flow of TETRA contract announcements from our members around the world, so it is clear the market is buoyant,” said Tony Gray, TCCA Chief Executive. “We are therefore pleased to see independent verification from IHS Markit that TETRA remains the strong foundation for critical communications. It is particularly interesting to see the predicted growth in North America, where TETRA has only been present for the last few years – this success is testament to the foresight of the companies who have taken the initiative in the US and Canadian markets.”