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CC:IPS Publishes Global Recommendations for Emergency Services and PSAP on COVID-19 Outbreak


The Collaborative Coalition for Intl. Public Safety has compiled recommendations for Emergency Services Organisations, incl. Public Safety Answering Points to help organisations respond & prepare in the best way possible during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Critical Communications Industry feels 5G has Biggest Potential to Create Safe Cities


IWCE report finds critical communications industry feels 5G has biggest potential to create Safe Cities but is still several years away from mass adoption.

PSCE Publishes 2019 Paris Conference Report


The conference provided the ideal platform to learn more on public safety-related strategies developed by different national or international authorities and on technology solutions provided by research as well as industry.

Mission-Critical Communications Leader Softil Reviews 2019

Lte | 2020-01-16

New deployments in MCX communications systems for Public Safety and railways; MCX service planning and rollouts pick up pace worldwide.

PSCE Provides Feedback to BERREC on 5G for Public Safety Mobile Broadband Application

Lte | Messaging | 2019-11-18

PSCE focuses its feedback regarding the guidelines for the implementation of EECC article 110 on Public Warning Systems as well as the regulatory requirements to support adoption of 5G for public safety mobile broadband applications.

Private LTE & 5G Network Infrastructure an $8 Billion Opportunity

Lte | 2019-10-27

SNS Telecom & IT's latest research report indicates that annual investments in private LTE and 5G network infrastructure – which includes RAN (Radio Access Network), mobile core and transport network equipment – will reach $8 Billion by the end of 2023.

New Global Report on TETRA Shows Continued Market Momentum

Tetra | 2019-10-07

IHS Markit research demonstrates continued trust in the worldwide critical communications standard.

PSTA Releases Initial Industry and Public Safety Recommendations on Mission Critical Push-to-Talk/Video/Data (MCX)

Lte | 2019-08-30

Consistent with the purpose and mission of the PSTA, the PSTA Board of Directors released the Mission Critical Push-to-Talk/Video/Data (MCPTX) Technical Subcommittee report which includes the initial PSTA recommendations for public safety and industry.