Tetra | Lte | P25 | 2021-09-29

Nemergent MCX - Standard Technology for Interoperable Communications, Now Supporting Interworking

Source: Nemergent

Nemergent will be exhibiting the latest progress and advances of its internationally awarded 3GPP MCX technology portfolio. After a long period of reduced travel activity, Nemergent participates in several of the most relevant international fairs during the last quarter of 2021.

Nemergent representatives will be present at IWCE Las Vegas (USA), BAPCO Coventry (UK) and CCW Madrid (Spain, EU), showcasing the best of the Nemergent technology to a wide audience. Besides regular marketing and communication activities, Nemergent’s aim is at recovering the on-site engagement with its customers and the MCX community so much needed to advance and optimize the progress of the technology to the benefit of the end users.

There is significant progress and achievement the company wants share with you during these above mentioned events, so do not hesitate to contact Nemergent's on-premise representatives to check the latest features, raise discussions or just shake disinfected hands.

According to Nemergent, prescence during these exhibitions have been built upon the following six pillars:

1- Nemergent MCX products are now 3GPP R17 compliant. No… we don’t have full R17 requirements implemented. Don’t be fooled by superlative marketing announcements. But expect to find R17 procedures at our core engine.

2- Nemergent MCX enables inter-MCX operations. Based on the outcomes of our H2020 Broadway project -led by our industrial partner Frequentis AG-, we can offer interoperable communications between agencies, systems, regions, countries. Don’t stay isolated from others! Our loved world is complex enough not to respond alone!

3- Nemergent MCX now supports IWF communications. Thanks to our available server-to-server interfaces, we are able to quickly enable IWF procedures to your current PMR/LMR systems. Check our cross-technology experiences with P25 or TETRA systems.

4- Nemergent MCX GUIs have been adapted and tailored based on customer feedback. Nevertheless, every customer, every vertical sector… you all are unique. Don’t stick to immovable designs and feel the power of GUI APIs!

5- MCX certification is not a weapon, it should be a common playground that protects customers from new niche markets. Nemergent is actively pushing this idea, by collaborating with ALL the NIST supported initiatives to develop conformance test systems.

6- Innovation, it is in our heart and soul. 5G is here, but not fully unleased. Nemergent is already preparing its technology to benefit from future broadband mobile networks.