Tetra | 2019-05-07

Use of German BOS TETRA Network Comes to a Climax in Berlin

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

In the federal states of Berlin, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Thuringia numerous events took place on May 1, 2019, which were successfully mastered with the BOS digital radio.

With 5,500 task forces, the deployment in Berlin was the largest at this year's Labour Day. The task forces accompanied and secured over 22 meetings/events of various associations, political parties and groups.

Preparations for the digital BOS radio already started in the months before. Conversations between the Authorized Body Berlin and the BDBOS helped to ensure that the BOS digital radio network was available throughout the period without any disruptions and failures.

In addition, the success of the communications was due to the disciplined way (the code of conduct) of using the radios as well as the way the network capacity has been monitored with the help of the real-time monitoring system. These contributions were essential for the successful completion of the assignment.

Overall, the use of the network came to a climax during the demonstrations in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Radio users experienced a queue mode. In exceptional situations such as May 1, all voice channels may be temporarily occupied. When pressing the PTT button, the radio signals the so-called "queue operation". The advantage of the digital radio BOS, in this case, is that the call is not canceled, as the call setup automatically starts as soon as the next voice channel is free. A short queue has therefore no noticeable effect on the communication of the emergency services.

Picture: Courstesy of BDBOS/Wilke