Tetra | 2019-01-09

Hytera Wins Large Public Safety TETRA Deal in Ceara, Brasil

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Hytera recently announced a major deal to deliver a complete critical communication solution to serve public safety in the state of Ceara, Brasil.

In a statement Hytera said that Teltronic Brazil LTDA has won a bid issued by the Ministry of Public Security, State of Ceara, Brazil. 

Hytera will built a private TETRA communication network covering the whole of the state of Ceara, included with the delivery of radios. Furthermore, after the completion of the construction, the deal consists of a four-year lease and maintenance service for the value of 118 million Brazilian Real (approximately 28 Mio Euro ). 

Hytera's market development in Brazil continues to yield results. This project is the first time for the company to deliver a large-scale entry into the public security field in the state of Ceara, Brazil, and to serve police, fire, emergency rescue.

The successful implementation of the project will help enhance the company's visibility and market share in the Brazilian public safety market and provide a good demonstration for the company's public safety communications business in other Brazilian states and other countries in South America.

The winning bid of this project fully reflects the synergy brought by the company's mergers and acquisitions. 

As the procurement contract has not yet been signed, investors are advised to make careful decisions and take precautions against investment risks.