Tetra | 2018-12-03

Successful Test Migration Dutch C2000 TETRA Network

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

In the night of 12 to 13 November, a successfull trial migration of the current Dutch Public Safety Communications network (C2000), towards the new TETRA system took place. 

On 12 November 9PM, the Interdepartmental Multidisciplinary Consultation (IMO) gave the green light for the start of the trial migration. The migration started just after 11PM where technicians converted the antennas of 12 installation points from the current C2000 network to the renewed network whereafter the current network was put on standby from a remote location.

At the Regional Operational Team, based in South Limburg, the migration was continually monitored by the Dutch Emergency Services as well as the Dutch Defence.

During the trial migration, the Dutch Emergency Services and Defence worked with alternative means of communication and procedures. As a result, the work of the emergency services in the street and in the control room could just continue. After completion of the test, the rollback was performed, after which the Emergency Services were able to communicate via the current C2000 network.

The program Implementation Innovation C2000 will now evaluate the trial migration.

Picture: Courtesey of The Dutch Government