Tetra | 2014-10-10

Danimex showcasing TETRA Solutions with LTE partner Athonet at AFRICAcom

Source: MCCResources

Motorola Solutions partner Danimex annouced that the company will be showcasing its TETRA solutions at the 17th AFRICAcom in Capetown Nov. 11-13.

Besides the TETRA radio communication portfolio with TETRA, PMR and HF radio, Danimex will explicit focus on delivery of an LTE solution together with partner Athonet.

The LTE solutions available through Danimex are based on Athonet's "Primo" system. Primo, short for "Private Mobile". It is a flexible solution, which allows the end user to start with as little as a single site, and scale it almost indefinitely as business picks up. The sytem delivers ultra high speed data communication and internet access using standard smartphones or LTE enabled TETRA radios and the network architecture is flexible, serving both centralized and distributed infrastructure strategies.