Tetra | 2011-06-06

Portalify Awarded Contract to Deploy Nationwide Automatic Vehicle & Person Location Solution for Belgian Authorities

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

“We chose Portalify’s solution because it is designed for complex TETRA environments and for their track record....."

Portalify strengthens its position in Europe with the award of nationwide Automatic Vehicle & Person Location (AVL/APL) contract by TETRA operator Astrid. The solution provides state-of-the-art AVL/APL functionality fulfilling Astrid Central Location Server (CLS) requirements across Belgium.

The Belgian TETRA network operator Astrid wanted to find a scalable TETRA based solution for its Central Location Server requirement, with the goal of establishing very high grade of service and efficient asset, vehicle & person location tracking, fully integrated within mission critical communications of Astrid’s public safety users.

“We chose Portalify’s solution because it is designed specifically for complex TETRA environments and because of the company’s track record for proven, robust and large-volume nationwide AVL/APL deployment”, summarises Yves Delvaux, COO, Astrid.

Performance and low network load were among the key requirements of Astrid. The Portalify solution includes management of real-time and historic location information and operates on de-centralized as well as centralized network architectures with 40 000 plus users.

“We are delighted that Astrid awarded us this prestigious contract and we look forward to building on our existing five-year relationship together. Astrid’s AVL/APL solution is based on our world-leading DMS product that provides a platform for integrating other applications. We believe Astrid is well positioned to enjoy further success in the same way that many other Portalify customers are taking full advantage of our future proof solutions”, says Kimmo Smolander, CEO, Portalify.

Source: www.portalify.com