Tetra | 2021-09-07

Amphenol Procom Launches New TETRA Extended Filters

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Amphenol Procom, a world-leading manufacturer of antenna, DAS, and combiner and filter solutions announced the launch of their extended banded TETRA Filter products.

The company expanded its TETRA bands from Tx/Rx 2 x 5 MHz to now 2 x 6.5 MHz. 

A few applications which the following products are highly useful for:

  • Police
  • Fire Fighters
  • Ambulance Services
  • Emergency Services


Amphenol Procom launched the following products:

Duplex Band-Pass Filter for the Public Safety/Mission Critical
EXTENDED TETRA Band networks, 2 x 6.5 MHz bandwidth.
Used in high power Base Stations, and benefit among others from having a very low PIM ≤ -150 dBc (@ 2 x 20 W).

The PRO-DPBP 380-EXT is a 2 x 6 resonator high quality Duplex Band Pass filter designed to combine the TETRA extended TX and RX bands to one common antenna.

The high-performance filter design secures an improved isolation between the TX and the RX TETRA band. A pure silver-plating inside the filter ensures a very low PIM and insertion loss.
The Filter is rated for a continuous powerup to 200 W and a peak power up to 800 W.

The filter uses reduced length ¼ λ cavities in a compact milled and strong aluminum housing. The compact filter can be fitted into a 19” 2 HU in height when mounted on a 19” front plate.


PRO-DPBP 380-400/410-430
Duplex Band-Pass Filter with 2 x 20 MHz bandwidth, used for
the TETRA Public Safety Networks 380-400 MHz and the Civil/Private TETRA Networks 410-430 MHz.

The PRO-DPBP 380-400/410-430 Duplex Band-Pass Filter is designed to combine TETRA 380 - 400 MHz and 410 - 430 MHz into one common Antenna. This Filter benefit from using 2 x 6 ¼ λ cavity resonators build into a milled strong aluminum housing.

The Filter is silver plated inside, which ensures a very low insertion loss.
The Filter is for high power up to 200 W.

The PRO-DPBP 380-400/410-430 can be fitted into a 19” mounting tray, 3 HU in height, 300 mm in depth.

DPF 70/55 380-EXT
Duplex Filter for the extended TETRA band low 380-386.5 MHz & high 390-396.5 MHz. The DPF 70/55 380-EXT is developed for the Public Safety TETRA extended network.Bandwidth 2 x 6.5 MHz.

The DPF 70/55 380-EXTuses 2 x 5 resonators ¼ λ in a compact, extruded aluminum cavity housing, and the chassis is made of passivated steel.

The Filter is rated to a power of max. 50 W