Tetra | Lte | 2021-08-18

Sepura Extends Applications Portfolio with AutoMate

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Sepura have extended their applications portfolio with the launch of AutoMate, which works by enabling TETRA radio automation through geofencing and situational triggers.

This intelligent application improves both operational performance and staff safety whilst maximising existing radio assets.

The application has been designed with users in mind, enhancing operations across public safety and commercial sites. AutoMate supports control room staff, via fast, efficient data sharing, and field officers, who are free to focus on their mission critical tasks.

The flexible set up of the application means that it can be built around users’ operational workflows. A variety of triggers can be utilised, and these can be pre-set to automate radio actions. Automations can be linked and combined according to logic or priority and can be amended instantly if circumstances require.

"The key to AutoMate is its flexibility. Fleet administrators can choose the triggers and the radio actions they need to keep their staff safe and their operations running efficiently. For example, a mining organisation can ensure that radio users moving across sites can be on the right talk group based on their location, and can allow remote gates to be opened based on pre-approved devices. If they found themselves in a dangerous situation, perhaps mistakenly entering a blast zone, then both the user and the wider teams can be instantly notified, improving the safety on site. Similarly a utilities organisation might use Bluetooth beacons to trigger warnings to staff when they enter restricted areas, and an ambulance organisation might have their radios set up to automatically change to direct mode when in underground or remote locations, ensuring communications are constantly maintained,” said Terence Ledger, worldwide Sales Director.