Tetra | 2020-11-10

Hytera Introduces New TETRA Partner Product

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Hytera's brand new TETRA partner product is a simply clever TETRA radio solution that combines ease of use with efficient communication, reliable radio coverage and maximum scalability.

In other words.... the new ACCESSNET®-T IP SMART is tailored precisely to the needs of its users and sets new standards.

In a press release today, Hytera Mobilfunk communicated that the smart TETRA radio system focuses on performance, functionality, stability and security - and is also extremely easy to integrate.

According to the company, ACCESSNET®-T IP SMART brings all the power of the latest Hytera TETRA generation. It is the ideal basis for partners to provide a customized communication solution for almost any application scenario.

Thomas Conrath, TETRA Product Manager at Hytera Mobilfunk: "The TETRA experts at Hytera Mobilfunk have put 40 years of PMR experience and all their expertise in the development process. They know what matters to their customers. "With ACCESSNET®-T IP SMART, we have put together an attractive and compact communication package for partners and users alike."

Connect and Communicate. Until now this is the most easy way to start communicating with Hytera TETRA. ACCESSNET®-T IP SMART is a compact, highly available and absolutely reliable system. It is easy to set up and operate and at the same time offers the wide range of TETRA functions of the proven Hytera ACCESSNET®-T IP system.

The new TETRA system also offers a wide range of web-based network management tools. Furthermore, the new TETRA system for partners is individually adaptable and, thanks to flexible device compatibility, it can easily "grow" with teh customers needs.