LTE  |  2022-06-17

Sonim Receives Additional $6.4 Million in Initial Stocking Orders from US and Canadian Carriers

Source: Sonim

Sonim Technologies (NASDAQ: SONM) today announced multiple additional purchase orders totaling $6.4 million for stocking inventory of Sonim's upcoming XP5plus feature phone with enhanced PTT capabilities and Sonim's next-generation XP10 5G rugged smartphone. The orders are from a top U.S. carrier customer and two Canadian carriers, adding to previously announced initial stocking orders for $9.5 million on these devices from a top U.S. carrier.

"We are excited to secure additional orders from a long-time carrier partner in the U.S. and from two Canadian partners, expanding on our previously announced initial stocking orders for the new rugged XP5plus and XP10 smartphone devices," said Peter Liu, Chief Executive Officer at Sonim. "These additional awards speak to the expected market enthusiasm for our next generation rugged devices, purpose built with Sonim's rugged engineering technologies to work in field applications where traditional consumer devices simply do not get the job done."

"We are moving ahead rapidly on our new business strategy to offer a wider range of rugged 5G smartphones, feature phones, hot spots and industrial communications equipment focused on these unique but underserved market needs," said Liu. "We are already in discussion around additional carrier awards for both existing and new devices as we continue to focus on carrier partner needs not well served by currently available hardware solutions."

The XP5plus is expected to be available later this summer; shipments of the new XP10 rugged 5G smartphone device are expected to begin in the fall of 2022.