Console Concepts Pty Ltd

Console Concepts is a Melbourne based manufacturer of electric height adjustable ergonomic consoles / sit-to-stand desks for the control room, office and studio environments.

Console Concepts was co-founded by brothers; Marek and Maciek Bednarz. Console Concepts is a Melbourne based manufacturer of ergonomic electric height adjustable consoles for the control room, office and studio environments. Marek and Maciek first began designing and manufacturing workstations almost a decade ago, after launching DEX DJ STANDS. Since 2006, DEX DJ STANDS workstations have found their way to hundreds of homes and venues around the world.

In 2012, Marek and Maciek decided to expand their expertise to the control room and office environments, Console Concepts Pty Ltd was born. Right from the beginning, their vision was to provide users with products that ensure a safer work environment.

To help achieve this vision; co-founder Maciek returned to University and completed a 'Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health, Safety and Ergonomics' at Latrobe University. Throughout his study, Maciek maintained a strong focus on OH&S issues in the control room and office environment, in particular the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders. Maciek particularly excelled in a unit titled 'Ergonomics Principles of Work, Workstation and Plant Design'. As a result, Maciek not only has the understanding of the health risks in these environments, but is also equipped with the relevant knowledge and expertise to help reduce or eliminate the associated risks.

Co-founder Marek Bednarz, has qualifications and extensive experience in advanced manufacturing and adopting the Kaizen philosophy for continuous improvement of Console Concepts products. As a prolific draftsman, Marek has a unique talent and exceptional skill in being able to replicate a client's ideas and requirements using the latest CAD software. It is therefore no coincidence that client feedback is overwhelmingly above client expectations.



Address Factory 194, 248-266 Osborne Ave Clayton South , 3169 , VIC
City Melbourne
Country Australia
Telephone +61(3) 9576 7432
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