P25 Sharing Equals Cost Savings WhitePaper

CCR  |   P25  |  Operations  |  2020-02-27

The growth of Statewide and Region-wide P25 LMR networks has presented a new value proposition for many counties and municipal agencies. It is now often more cost effective to join the larger P25 Standards based system than to procure/support/maintain or upgrade an existing legacy radio solution.


PSTA LMR/LTE Interoperability Technical Subcommittee Report

TETRA  |   DMR  |   LTE  |   P25  |  Technical   |  2019-08-08

This document describes interoperability of numerous existing LMR technologies to broadband PTT.


NG911 & FirstNet - Emergency Communication Centers Provide the Critical Link

LTE  |   P25  |   Control rooms  |  Operations  |  2019-03-02

Two specific technologies, Next Generation 9-1-1 (or NG9-1-1) and the Public Safety Broadband Network (or FirstNet), have captured significant attention as emergency communications center leaders seek strategies to integrate these technologies into their operations. This whitepaper explores the similarities, differences and inter-relationships between these two emerging technologies.


PPDR Roadmap for evolution from LMR/PMR to 4G/5G

TETRA  |   LTE  |   P25  |  Vision & Future  |  2019-01-10

This paper presents the current roadmap to operational use of mission critical broadband for organisations looking to move away from narrowband networks.


The “FirstNet-Ready” Mobile Office- Top Considerations for Connecting First Responders

LTE  |   P25  |  Operations  |  2018-10-08

For reliable and responsive in-vehicle communications, many organizations are turning to the latest wireless technologies that have the capacity to operate today’s commercial networks an FirstNet with support for LTE Band 14. In this whitepaper you can learn about critical factors you should consider when deploying a “FirstNet-ready” mobile office, and the unique benefits of using a capable in-vehicle router to provide connectivity for mission critical applications.


Emerging Wireless Bearers for Mission Critical SCADA

TETRA  |   DMR  |   LTE  |   P25  |  Vision & Future  |  2018-05-08

The paper compares and contrasts emerging wireless bearers for mission critical SCADA.


Lessons from Disaster Relief - The Importance of Communications Resiliency and Preparedness

TETRA  |   DMR  |   LTE  |   P25  |   Messaging  |  Supporting Technologies  |  2018-04-12

This Whitepaper written by Hughes, documents lessons learned after being one of the first organizations on the ground providing communications support in Texas, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands following one of the worst hurricane seasons on record.


P25 and LTE: The best of both worlds

LTE  |   P25  |  Technical   |  2017-12-02

Radio communications manufacturier Codan describes the Codan Stratus Solutions that combines LTE and P25 radio communications.


Is your Digital RF Communications System Optimized to Provide the High Performance it was Designed to Deliver?

DMR  |   P25  |  General  |  2017-12-02

This white paper uses statistical data provided through extensive lab testing and through the use of actual recorded digital radio RF transmitter parameters. It shows how modulation alignments of one radio’s transmitter parameters can positively or negatively affect performance of another radio’s receiver.


Keys to a Smooth Migration to Digital Alerting

P25  |   Messaging  |  General  |  2017-08-02

You run an analog alerting network with old pagers that barely receive anymore. You’re tired of your pager repair and replacement budget being spent too fast. You’re frustrated with the long delay of your voice dispatch. Your county is looking into a Project 25 (P25) migration project. If any of these statements apply to you, then this white paper will be of interest for you.


Push-to-talk Over Cellular: The Next Generation for P25/TETRA Land Mobile Radio

TETRA  |   LTE  |   P25  |  General  |  2016-12-12

The objective of this paper is to educate organizations and governments on the bene ts of using PoC solutions over traditional LMR systems.


The benefits of P25 Technology

P25  |  General  |  2016-04-04

Radio users around the world depend on P25 for their mission critical communications. The P25 Standard is also adopted by many industries such as utilities, airports, transit, petroleum, and chemical companies that rely on mission-critical communications and interoperability with public safety agencies in an emergency.


The Ideal Complement to P25 Systems

P25  |  General  |  2015-12-02

xG Technology sees xMax as a network technology that can augment and complement the P25 systems already in place.