Yossi Segal

Yossi Segal serves as founder and CTO at Mobilicom. Yossi is a wireless expert with a unique combination of skills and expertise gained through his experience of over 20 years in the wireless arena. Mr. Segal took a leading role and made countless contributions to the two leading international wireless communication bodies: IEEE and ETSI. Designed and wrote several essential patents for any OFDMA wireless solution. Moreover he is considered as OFDMA & mobile wireless expert.

Mr. Segal was a member of the founding team and the CTO of "Runcom Technologies LTD", a leading fabless mobile wireless company, back in 1998. Where he established and managed R&D groups, designed and developed several mobile baseband ASIC solutions and wireless systems (also inventing and designing the ASIC and systems algorithms). 

He is a member of the founding team and the VP R&D of "Mobilicom LTD.", which designs, develops and manufactures Instant Mobile Wireless Network solutions and products. Where he manages the R&D groups, which designs and developed several wireless solutions and systems.

During the past 20 years, Mr. Segal has consulted to many companies in the wireless and signal processing fields. Mr. Segal consulted on the design of Single-Carrier, SQPSK, DSSS, CDMA, OFDM and OFDMA for both terrestrial and Satellite wireless systems. He was also a lecturer on the OFDM/A and WiMax technologies.

Mr. Segal was a main contributor for the design of the ETSI DVB-RCT standard (EN301-958), which was the first wireless OFDMA standard in the world. Mr. Segal was also a main contributor for the design of the IEEE802.16e standard (WiMax Mobile), where he was one of 40 steering committee members, which had the voting rights within the standard approval.

Served as an officer at the IDF Electronic Warfare R&D center.

Holds MBA in Business Administration, M.Sc. and B.Sc. (cum laude) in Electrical Engineering.