Public safety LTE will be the highest growth market for first responder communications.

Lte | 2013-09-30

Public safety software solutions, especially CAD and RMS will have significant growth. The total public safety software market will reach USD17.83 billion in revenue by 2019

Alcatel-Lucent and CNT Deploy Ecuador's First 4G LTE Network

Lte | 2013-09-30

CNT uses Alcatel-Lucent's 4G LTE solution to develop plans that will improve network data capacity services and to expand national coverage, including bringing new service, such a HD video, e-learning, and public safety.

ETELM Launches New Era in Mission Critical Communications Over LTE

Lte | 2013-09-30

Etelm’s view is that the future for professional communications technology is to allow applications to be developed in a similar way to Apps in the commercial sector for Android and iPhone systems.

Rohill announces launch first two LTEtraNode pilots in 2013

Lte | 2013-09-28

Rohill, specialized in the development, production and sales of professional mobile communication infrastructures today announced two pilot installations of its LTEtraNode system (a LTE/TETRA solution)

Motorola LTE modem will roam across Verizon, FirstNet networks

Lte | 2013-08-09

The new modem came out of the Motorola Solutions-Verizon Wireless Alliance, a public-communications initiative the companies announced two years ago.

Harnessing Technology to Enable Real-Time Crime Centers

Lte | 2013-06-28

The key for public safety agencies is to have a solution in place that brings together information from all the different sources: video, sensors,...

ACPO Portal Promotes Public Safety Apps

Lte | 2013-06-28

Some of the apps available bear titles such as Campus Sentinel, 911 Help, Reroute, Quake Buddy and a couple named Emergency Response Guidebook.

LTE Drives TETRA Growth

Lte | 2013-06-28

Despite these changes of gear, the Tetra world continues to enjoy good health, again clocking up record sales of radio terminals

Towards a unified LTE solution

Lte | 2013-06-28

“If you build a TETRA network now, you need to make sure it’s future-proof, future-ready. And that might mean having a physical network that’s.....

Public-Safety Mobile App Hackathon Announces Winners

Lte | 2013-06-28

Focusing on the power of technology to create mobile solutions that could benefit the first-responder community....

DoD Testing Mutualink LTE Mobile Ad Hoc System

Lte | 2013-06-27

Mutualink’s interoperable communications and multimedia platform is being tested with a secure tactical 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) capability...

First Responder Technology Market to Reach $131.6B in 2019

Lte | 2013-06-23

Frost & Sullivan : 4G LTE deployment enables advanced emergency response technology

Airwave - The Future Shape of Emergency Service Communications

Lte | 2013-06-22

Help public safety understand which applications are really mission critical in the future in advance of the arrival of public safety LTE

UK Emergency Services - Beyond TETRA and looking into LTE

Lte | 2013-06-21

At the moment, the police, fire and ambulance services receive voice and limited data services from a private, dedicated TETRA two-way radio network..

Small Cell Forum Completes 1st LTE Plugfest

Lte | 2013-06-20

The Plugfest series is helping to drive forward LTE small cells as an open and interoperable technology

Wondering what LTE-based applications for First Responders look like?

Lte | 2013-06-11

Alcatel-Lucent combined forces with leading Connect Program partners to showcase several of these new applications at IWCE 2013

Tata Communications announces world's first LTE™ roaming peering with Telecom Italia Sparkle

Lte | 2013-06-07

Built on the company's leading global data network, the LTE roaming service provides the reach, scale, and reliability for mission-critical operations

UK seeks to replace TETRA with LTE as early as 2016

Lte | 2013-06-06

Official says cost, not performance is the issue, and calls TETRA "extremely expensive" compared with the per-minute costs of commercial wireless ....

UAE Considers 700 MHz for Public-Safety Broadband Spectrum

Lte | 2013-05-31

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced its band plan for 700 MHz and released spectrum in the 800 MHz band for mobile broadba

Motorola Solutions Launches the Next Generation Mission-critical TETRA and LTE Base Station

Lte | 2013-05-21

Public safety organisations are looking to gain advantage from broadband technologies such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) to enhance the efficiency and