Lowband Whitepaper TPL Systemes

Dmr | Technical | 2020-04-08


PSTA LMR/LTE Interoperability Technical Subcommittee Report

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | Technical | 2019-08-08

This document describes interoperability of numerous existing LMR technologies to broadband PTT.


DMR Trunked: Next Generation of LMR Technology

Dmr | General | 2018-08-30

The white paper outlines the steady growth and evolution path of DMR Tier III technology and provides a comprehensive analysis on its market demand and future adoption in vertical sectors such as Enterprise, Transportation, Utilities and Public Safety.


Emerging Wireless Bearers for Mission Critical SCADA

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | Vision & Future | 2018-05-08

The paper compares and contrasts emerging wireless bearers for mission critical SCADA.


Lessons from Disaster Relief - The Importance of Communications Resiliency and Preparedness

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | Messaging | Supporting Technologies | 2018-04-12

This Whitepaper written by Hughes, documents lessons learned after being one of the first organizations on the ground providing communications support in Texas, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands following one of the worst hurricane seasons on record.


10 Years NEXEDGE Whitepaper by JVCKENWOOD

Dmr | P25 | General | 2018-01-23

KENWOOD’s NEXEDGE Series of professional digital two-way radios launched in 2008, making 2018 its 10th anniversary. Over the last decade, NEXEDGE has evolved to include not only Gen2 products but also support for the DMR and P25 digital protocols. In this whitepaper JVCKENWOOD explains the benefits of NEXEDGE


Is your Digital RF Communications System Optimized to Provide the High Performance it was Designed to Deliver?

Dmr | P25 | General | 2017-12-02

This white paper uses statistical data provided through extensive lab testing and through the use of actual recorded digital radio RF transmitter parameters. It shows how modulation alignments of one radio’s transmitter parameters can positively or negatively affect performance of another radio’s receiver.


Migrate To XPT White Paper

Dmr | General | 2016-10-10

Hytera offers an ideal, cost-effective solution to system operators that need an accelerated migration to advanced DMR technology – eXtended Pseudo Trunk (XPT).


TETRA and DMR Tier III - Which Open digital trunking standard is right for me?

Tetra | Dmr | Comparisons | 2016-06-15

To get a better understanding, Sepura reviews the technological characteristics and key differences of the two technologies.


DMR Association Interoperability Process WhitePaper

Dmr | General | 2015-12-21

This white paper gives the background to the development of the DMR Interoperability Process by the DMR Association, explains the value of the process to users and manufacturers and will help users and potential users of DMR systems get value from the Association’s work to establish formal interoperability testing


Simoco Whitepaper - Open Standard DMR Tier III Trunking

Dmr | General | 2015-12-21

The open standard nature of DMR Tier III trunking has driven its emergence, ongoing development and adoption across global markets. In this paper, Andy Grimmett Head of Product Strategy at Simoco Group examines some of the many di erent technologies within the PMR/LMR industry and explains why DMR Tier III is emerging as the dominant PMR/LMR standard.


Why digital - Whitepaper by Motorola Solutions

Dmr | Technical | 2015-12-21

This white paper examines the two leading digital modulation technologies that are capable of achieving this doubling of spectral ef ciency: 6.25 khz FDMA and two-slot 12.5 khz TDMA. Businesses looking to migrate to the most ef cient professional digital systems to achieve greater capacity and performance will need to choose one or the other — FDMA and TDMA are not interoperable.


Comparing Voice Coverage: DMR and Analog NBFM

Dmr | Comparisons | 2015-12-21

This paper provides a technical comparison between DMR and NBFM (Narrowband Analog Frequency Modulation) voice coverage. It discusses the measurable factors affecting coverage, how they affect relative coverage between the two technologies, and explains how these conclusions were reached.


Omnitronics Whitepaper: 5-Questions to Ask Before you Implement a Dispatch Solution with DMR

Dmr | General | 2014-07-02

The White Paper - 5 Questions to Ask Before You Implement a Dispatch Solution with DMR, also includes a worksheet which you can use to aid discussion with Omnitronics or your chosen radio manufacturer/s.


A comparison of DMR and TETRA

Tetra | Dmr | Comparisons | 2014-01-19

This document was prepared for the Association by Analysys Mason and published in February 2009.


Digital Radio Standards Uncovered

Dmr | General | 2013-12-16

This paper provides technical information on currently available open standard, digital technologies. For organizations seeking to replace existing networks, or considering an initial purchase of a communication solution using land mobile radio (LMR), this paper will seek to inform those decisions.


DMR radio performance characteristics and channel sharing with other radio types

Dmr | Technical | 2013-12-16

This short paper sets out the requirements of the DMR standard and technical characteristics of DMR radios which enable smooth migration from, and co-existence with, analogue from the perspective of European (CEPT) and North American regulatory requirements.


DMR Tier 3-Clarification

Dmr | Technical | 2013-12-16

A clarification from the DMR association about DMR Tier III - August 2011


Critical Communications in a Process Driven World

Tetra | Dmr | General | 2013-12-16

Jonathan Bunce of Simoco Group looks at the future for TETRA and considers the benefits of DMR in a changing landscape for critical communications, where voice, data and business process come together.


Replacing Nextel PTT services by DMR

Dmr | Comparisons | 2013-12-16