Entropia Digital accuses ASTRID of unfair competition

TETRA  |  2011-09-23

"Our TETRA base stations will become 7 to 10 times more expensive than those of ASTRID, if you only look at the BIPT costs"

DMR Communication system provides clear audio and interfaces to Milsoft DisSPatch

DMR  |  2011-09-23

Motorola Solutions and Milsoft DisSPatch worked closely together and provided the connectivity needed to create reliable communication, provide real-time location data that allows dispatchers to manage crews and enhance employee safety.

TELTRONIC increases its supply of TETRA terminals to the Canary Islands Government RESCAN network

TETRA  |  2011-09-22

The Canary Islands Government and San Cristobal de la Laguna City Council purchase TELTRONIC TETRA terminals for their professional communications needs

Astrid TETRA network for emergency services in Belgium easy to eavesdrop?

TETRA  |  2011-09-22

House searches were conducted at some journalists who have been suspected to have devices to intercept communications .

TETRA Association kicks off with its first Congress in the USA

TETRA  |  2011-09-22

two Latin America events were well attended with 174 attending in Brazilia, Brazil and 200 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Motorola Solutions keen on mass transit opportunities in Thailand

TETRA  |  2011-09-22

The US-based telecommunications company has also set up a new service team to offer tailor-made services for customers who rent its equipment under an annual fee.

Airwave achieves new levels of customer service

TETRA  |  2011-09-22

vital communications between the emergency services took place without incident during the recent Notting Hill Carnival in London.

Sepura radios perform at major festivals in Germany

TETRA  |  2011-09-22

Sepura’s German partner Selectric delivered the on-site installation and user training in a record time of less than three hours

RadioComms Asia-Pacific magazine has gone digital

DMR  |  2011-09-22

Check out the latest issue of RadioComms Asia-Pacific and read the article 'DMR gets attention and with good reason'.

MOTOTRBO digital mobile radio network launches

DMR  |  2011-09-21

Deployed by Motorola partner MasterCom, the multisite network is said to be the first of its kind nationally and combines the clarity, extended range and security of digital two-way radio with data applications such as text messaging, location tracking an

Flash Services Netherlands and communications specialist SAIT Zenitel to cooperate in the field of applications for the Public Safety market.

TETRA  |  2011-09-21

The collaboration will focus on those providing communications products and applications for the C2000 TETRA network

Sepura becomes leading TETRA supplier to the Australian mining sector

TETRA  |  2011-09-20

In little more than one year, Sepura has won nine prestigious contracts with major mining organisations.

Vertex Standard Digital Radios Now Shipping in North America

DMR  |  2011-09-20

A new choice in digital radios for easy analog conversion.

Migration to Digital Mobile Radio Set to Accelerate

DMR  |  2011-09-19

"The introduction of digital technologies such as DMR, dPMR, NXDN and PDT will open up the digital market to agencies that were unwilling to pay the prices required for solutions such as TETRA and P25” stated Alex Green, one of the report’s authors.

ANSALDO STS obtains orders totalling EUR 183 million

TETRA  |  2011-09-19

The company is awarded new contracts in Denmark (Cityringen), India (Kolkata metro) and Italy (Line B of the Rome Metro).

MobilitySound announced Bluetooth Ear Muff today.

DMR  |  2011-09-18

It can be paired with MobilitySound's Bluetooth dongle series for MotoTRBO

Zetron’s New Interface to Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ Improves Control from the Radio Dispatch Console

DMR  |  2011-09-17

The new capability provides a quick, cost-effective way to add radio dispatch consoles to existing MOTOTRBO networks, either at fixed locations or in mobile command facilities, without requiring costly infrastructure connectivity.

Simoco Technologist to Speak at PMR Summit on Behalf of DMR Association

DMR  |  2011-09-16

Andy Grimmett, Chief Technologist at Global Mobile Radio Specialist Simoco Group, will address next week’s PMR Summit in Barcelona on behalf of the DMR Association.

Hytera DMR Digital Trunking Solution Serves Exit & Entry Administration China

DMR  |  2011-09-15

This is the first DMR digital trunking project in public security of China, announcing a breakthrough of Hytera DMR trunking system in public security markets.

Global Professional Mobile Radio Market Jumps 15% in 2010

DMR  |  2011-09-14

The analogue bounce back was mainly due to the Asian based markets, however, forecasts show that digital technologies are now set to increase market share at pace.