Tetra | 2018-07-24

TETRA Sales in Poland Still Going Strong

Source: TETRA forum Poland

During the first six month of 2018, the need for TETRA systems and radios in Poland does not seems to slow down.

Where in many European countries TETRA sales are slowing down, the need for TETRA systems in Poland seems to rise. In fact, during the first 6 months of 2018, TETRA systems and radio equipment were requested by; LSAS (LS Airport Services), Okecie Airport and the Polish Army.

LS Airport Services, the largest handling company in Poland, announced an offer inquiry for the purchase and installation of a base station with two-way radios in the TETRA standard. The equipment will be installed at Katowice-Pyrzowice airport. One of the requirements is that the system needs to connect via IP with the DAMM Tetraflex base station located at Chopin Airport, so that radios from two different locations can establish a direct connection. 

Another project that request the supply and installation of a TETRA trunking system is Chopin Airport in Warsaw. The scope of the project includes the execution of necessary construction and installation works, delivery of the system and migration from the currently operated EDACS system. The project requests for-almost 1100 TETRA radios and four dispatching consoles. 

Also the Polish Army IT Resource Centre announced that it will closed a contract with Motorola Solutions for the expansion, reconfiguration and integration of the TETRA digital radio communication system in the Polish Armed Forces. Motorola Solutions Poland submitted the only offer on the 4th June  for the value of about €7.2 million gross.

Finally, Energa Operator said that it will finalise the implementation of the TETRA project at the beginning of the second half of this year. With the infrastructure consisting of 139 base stations and 3000 portable and mobile radios the TETRA network will cover about 95 percent alonside the high and medium voltage lines.