Narrowband  |  2023-11-14

BelFone Releases Two-way Radio with Ad Hoc Networking and Repeater Capabilities

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The single-frequency repeater function establishes a forwarding channel for other radios in the area and effectively enlarges the local coverage.

BelFone, a leading technology and solution provider of mission and business-critical communications, has recently launched BP860 portable DMR two-way radios with powerful capabilities such as single-frequency repeater and ad hoc networking. BP860 further expands BelFone’s DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) product line and brings powerful connectivity to task forces in challenging scenarios where local communication infrastructures are not available; it has great potential in applications for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) maneuvers.

The single-frequency repeater function establishes a forwarding channel for other radios in the area and effectively enlarges the local coverage. It enables extended connectivity with minimum operation hassle for professionals working in tunnels or sites havocked by disasters. With the function of ad hoc networking, BP860 supports multi-hop relays and operates with any network topologies. In harsh geographical environments or areas that cannot be reached by vehicles, task forces equipped with BP860 can set up a two-way radio network in no time.

BP860 adopts a high-gain superheterodyne circuit design scheme to ensure superior RF performance; it offers wider communication coverage with a more sensitive transceiver and receiver. The unique customized shield protection design of the motherboard can effectively isolate the interference, prevent the signal in the shield from radiating outward, and improve the stability and anti-interference of communication.

Enabled by advanced AI noise reduction algorithms, acoustic models, and digital audio processing technology, BP860 instantly identifies human voice and environment noises, effectively filters noises, and eliminates howling. Therefore, users in noisy workplaces can make loud and clear calls to their fellows. 

Accurate positioning is a great safety advantage for the team in the field. BP860 has a built-in dual-mode positioning module and leverages both GPS and Beidou. The device’s geographical location and moving speed can be easily monitored by a supervisor via the visualized dispatch console. Workers with BP860 can easily alert the team and supervisor with a one-key SOS feature. The Lone Worker and Man Down features can automatically set off the alarm when the device remains at a predefined angle for a certain duration. 

BP860 supports the optional TF card encryption on top of the AES256 and ARC4 advanced algorithm encryption to further improve the privacy of communication and the security of information.

The BP860 radio is MIL-STD-810G compliant and features a non-slip textured casing for a better grip. The device withstands a 2-meter free fall drop and impact. IP68 dust and water resistance ensures optimal performance even in torrential rains.