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Skylo and Druid to Showcase How Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) Enable Livestock Monitoring and Agribusiness


Partnership brings cutting-edge connectivity solutions to various industries, including livestock tracking, smart farming, fleet management, search and rescue, oil and gas, and more.

Somewear Labs Introduces a Novel Hybrid Mesh/Satcom Radio and Expands Communications Platform

Broadband  |   Satellite  |  2023-09-19

Node is a first-of-its-kind multi-networking device delivering a powerful combination of mesh radio and satellite capabilities for teams operating in diverse field environments.

OneWeb Launches New Foldable Terminal for Military Ops and Emergency Response

Satellite  |  2023-09-15

Manufactured by Inster (Oesia Group), it weighs just 11.8kg and has a low profile and foldable antenna design.

Hytera Launches New Generation Ad-Hoc DMR Repeaters

Narrowband  |  2023-09-14

The ad-hoc repeaters are essential for public safety departments, as well as public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) agencies, to create, extend or enhance their private network coverage in remote areas, disaster sites, and major events.

OneWeb Demonstrates LEO Satellite Capabilities at the Red Cross HQ

Satellite  |  2023-08-22

The OneWeb team showcased the network’s capability to deliver high-speed, low latency critical communications through two different user terminals.

Vocus and NSW Telco Authority Demonstrate Starlink-Connected ‘Mobile Network in the Sky’ for Disaster Relief Connectivity

Broadband  |  2023-07-06

Provides up to 28 square kilometres of 4G/5G and two-way radio connectivity where coverage is needed in response to emergencies.

Caltta SVP Presents Emergency Rescue Keynote Speech at MWC Shanghai

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-07-04

Richard Sun Mingliang, Senior Vice President of Caltta discussed the importance of overall situation awareness for commanders and first responders during disaster rescue operations.

NSW Telco Authority Receives New Funding for PPDR Communications

Broadband  |   Satellite  |  2023-06-23

The Australian NSW Telco Authority has received funding to progress the delivery of resilient communications to keep their customers and the communities they serve connected and safe.

Public Safety Communications Europe Conference - a Huge Success

Broadband  |  2023-05-12

Overall, the first PSCE event in 2023 contributed to strengthening the links between researchers, practitioners and end-users and contribute towards more effective future collaboration.

Secapp Signs MOU with STC Specialized to Develop Emergency Services and Technologies

Narrowband  |  2023-05-05

The MOU signing ceremony was held in Riyadh, on December 2022.

AALTO HAPS and Space Compass Strengthen Strategic HAPS Partnership by Signing Contract for 2023 Flight

CCR  |   Broadband  |  2023-04-24

AALTO HAPS has signed a contract to partner in a proof of concept (PoC) demonstration flight of its world-record-breaking Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station with Space Compass of Japan – a joint venture between NTT and SKY Perfect JSAT.

Lynk Welcomes 'ALERT Parity Act' to Provide Emergency Connectivity Service to Those in Need

Broadband  |   Satellite  |  2023-03-30

This legislation is an important step toward truly universal emergency telecommunications coverage – saving lives, especially in times of disaster and in remote areas that may not have ubiquitous coverage.

Thuraya Launches New Tactical Satellite Communication Solution in Collaboration with Cobham Satcom

Broadband  |   Satellite  |  2023-03-15

The system employs an advanced Generic Converter Unit that enables users to speak over tactical radio and push-to-talk (PTT) devices via satellite.

Airbus’ Aalto HAPS Signs New Deal with STC

Broadband  |  2023-03-13

HAPS solutions can serve to augment coverage during critical events and can be deployed quickly and easily in case of natural disasters.

Elbit SYNCH Critical Communication App is Helping United Hatzalah Volunteers Taking Part in Turkey SAR Mission

Broadband  |  2023-02-13

Elbit Systems is helping the United Hatzalah rescue forces who have gone to the disaster zone in Turkey.

Pan-European Critical Mobile Communication System One Step Further

TETRA  |   LTE  |  2022-10-01

Member States representatives discussed outcome of the BroadWay project including the recent large scale practitioner evaluation pilots.

Sichuan PPDR Adopts BelFone Critical Communications Solution during Wildfire Control

DMR  |   LTE  |  2022-09-29

To scientifically formulate an emergency response plan, Chongqing Emergency Rescue Bureau and Fire Service Bureau brought BelFone BMC communications systems

FCC Grants Lynk First-Ever License for Commercial Satellite-Direct-to-Standard Mobile-Phone Service | Changing the Landscape of PPDR Communications


Lynk Global, Inc. (Lynk), the world’s leading satellite- direct-to-standard-phone telecoms company, today expressed its appreciation to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for granting Lynk the world's first-ever commercial license for a satellite

The BroadWay Project's Second Scenario Successfully Completed by Airbus

LTE  |  2022-09-02

The Airbus consortium set up the entire field test network to facilitate the pursuit in different countries via secured communications.

Blueforce Development Launches BlueforceMOBILE-CP Command Post in a Box

Control rooms  |  2022-03-10

T-Mobile 5G-powered BlueforceMOBILE Command Post in a Box is a turnkey solution that builds on more than a decade of expertise deploying to complex disasters.