Softil Issues Global MCX Outlook for 2021

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Key trends include more Service Providers outside government-sponsored programs entering the MCX space to deliver mission-critical communications services; MCX upgrades to dispatch consoles becoming operational; MCVideo for First Responders.

Mission-critical communications (MCX or MCC) enabler and leader Softil today releases its much-awaited annual outlook for frontline, critical industries and highlights seven trends that are likely to impact communications in police, ambulance, train, firefighting services and utilities in 2021.

“Like other firms involved in developing the MCX revolution, Softil welcomed 2020 without knowing how much chaos the year would bring,” says Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO. “We expected that radio would first be integrated into MCPTX networks with the help of interworking gateways as well as more public safety broadband deployments, and advancement in device UI, situation awareness and IoT integration.”

Mr. Hagendorf adds: “There were movements in all these areas in 2020 despite all the challenges, and we believe the year 2021 will see an additional set of key drivers emerging for the worldwide adoption of next generation public safety broadband solutions.”

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