Lte | 2020-10-09

Procurement of Mission-Critical Services in the Virve 2.0 Development Project Begins

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The second procurement phase of the public safety network for the renewal of Virve started in early October, in which Erillisverkot will purchase mission critical services for the Virve 2.0 system.

“Mission critical services is an entity that consists of server software running in the equipment rooms of Erillisverkot Group, applications installed on users' mobile and fixed devices and management applications related to these services," says Ari Toivonen, Development Manager of Erillisverkot Group.

The service package to be purchased will operate on top of the core network purchased from Ericsson and the radio service provided by Elisa both purchased in the spring 2020. The emerging broadband ICT entity will offer similar services as the current Virve service and some new services plus interfaces to external systems.

Erillisverkot Group on its website today stated that the procurement is public and in the first stage, applications for participation are requested, on the basis of which supplier candidates are selected. The final request for quotation will be sent following negotiations with the selected candidates. It is estimated that the procurement contract with the selected supplier will be signed in autumn 2021.

After the integration and testing phase of the services, safety authorities and other mission critical actors will have access to these new communications services through the prioritised mobile broadband Virve 2.0 service provided by Erillisverkot Group during 2022.