P25 | 2020-02-03

JVCKENWOOD to Provide Professional Digital Radio Systems to the California Highway Patrol

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD) and EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. (EFJT), its communication systems subsidiary in the U.S., have been awarded a contract from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in the U.S. to deliver professional digital radio systems

The contract is for the supply of professional digital radio systems for installation in approximately 3,300 vehicles owned by the CHP. The contract will be a large project for approximately 3.0 billion yen over the next three years for the supply of professional digital radio systems, as well as support services.

California is the third largest state in the U.S. and the total length of highways covered by the CHP amounts to approximately 107,000 miles. Accordingly, radio communication systems used by the CHP are required to have the ability to communicate across vast areas. In addition, high-grade and stable voice communication is required of such radio communication systems to serve as police radios.

The professional radio systems that JVCKENWOOD and EFJT will supply to the CHP feature high quality and durability, enabled by applying the expertise and knowhow cultivated by JVCKENWOOD and EFJT over the years. In addition, these digital radio systems can provide radio communication across extensive areas by also using low band radio frequencies (50MHz), which are good for long-distance communications. Different counties in the State of California operate digital radio systems that use different band frequencies and different protocols. Given the circumstances, we were awarded a contract to develop and supply solutions capable of operating four digital radio systems to be installed in each vehicle using one controller unit.

Focusing on the area of digital radio systems, where demand is increasing worldwide to replace analog radio systems, we are supplying highly reliable professional digital radio systems to the public safety market such as police, fire departments, and emergency medical services; the public service market such as electricity, water, gas, and transportation services; and the private sector market such as hotels and retailers. In particular, in the public safety market in North America, which is expected to continue expanding, we will conduct a total solution business for professional radio systems, with a focus on professional radio systems conforming to the Project 25 (P25) digital radio format in the North American public safety market by leveraging EFJT’s strength in this field, and by utilizing our professional wireless technologies that can support all protocols and sales channels covering extensive areas.

Picture: Courtesy of CHP