Lte | 2021-06-28

Inrico Push-to-talk over Cellular Radios Well Received in Europe

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Inrico PoC terminal products have a built-in SIM card, and complete the settings for the customers are done before they receive the devices. Most handheld and mobile PoC radio are plug-n-play, very user friendly.

63 years old Danish Kurt Petersen has been driving trucks since he was 18. Now he lives in Tranby, Lier, Norway and works as a truck driver in Transportsentralen Asker og Bærum. His close partner was the push-to-talk radio during his long transportation career, and now his colleagues all use the PoC (Push-to-talk over Cellular) radios. Compared with traditional communication tools, the PoC radio not only allows cross-border communication to be barrier-free but also makes communication more intelligent and faster

Inrico provides a solution that is smoother, smarter, and safer than the traditional PTT radios to customers in various industries who need to optimized communications. It not only provides a brand-new communication PoC solution, that is, network call, but also solves the problem of the distance limitation of traditional walkie talkies. As long as you are in the mobile network operators’ (MNO) network coverage, you can communicate smoothly. PoC terminals with the emergency SOS dispatching function can report the unexpected accident quickly; accurate positioning enables onsite help from the team as early as possible.

Customizable Software Platform
Inrico platform adopts concise design, simple and easy to use. The platform includes trunking dispatch, video dispatch, voice dispatch, map dispatch, message, integrated gateway, patrol management, and other different modules; all modules are independent and support OEM & ODM service. The Inrico APP not only supports PoC radio terminals, but also supports smart devices running Android, iOS, Linux, and RTOS systems. The Inrico platform offers third-party development interfaces to support connection to various IoT smart devices.

"For customers who need to build a professional team, quickly access and dispatch personnel, we highly recommend Inrico's platform and PoC radios, which can make your business more competitive," said Jack Pan, CEO of Inrico.

Rich Options of Terminals
Inrico offers professional PoC terminal products such as vehicle-mounted mobile radio, handheld two-way radio, chest-mounted body worn camera, as well as accessories such as wireless palm-microphone, foot switch, external camera, etc.

Inrico PoC terminal products have a built-in SIM card, and complete the settings for the customers are done before they receive the devices. Most handheld and mobile PoC radio are plug-n-play, very user friendly.

The talking distance of professional PoC equipment is amazing. Even if it is cross-border communication, there will not be much delay in communication, because there are independent servers in each country and each region.

The Inrico PoC terminals in Inrico platform are secured by most advanced AES256 encryption. If the device is lost or stolen, the admin can remotely kill it from Inrico dispatch console. The professional PoC devices have low data traffic consumption. If you are in a Wi-Fi working environment, you can choose Wi-Fi as the prior connection.

Customers’ Voices

Norwegian Transport Centre Asker & Baerum (TAB), has used traditional VHF radio for many years, With the more complex requirements in the new era, they chose the smart convergence solution by Inrico. They replaced the legacy radios in an orderly manner with new PoC devices. The new solution saves cost and works with better and wider coverage. TAB manages and dispatches their teams more efficiently.

“In October 2018, we purchased and used the system provided by Inrico, with software licenses and management platform. The professional and powerful system enabled my car rental company to quickly get on the right track and gain profits. At present, we are preparing to expand our fleet and purchase more equipment and licenses of Inrico,” said Catherine, Manager of CROW Car Rental, Germany

Alfonso Alarcos, owner of Spanish Radiotrains, a rental equipment shop, said: “PoC radio has a very good response, and I have more advantages in this industry, which lets more clients to choose me.”