Lte | 2019-12-16

Orion and Samsung Collaborate to Deliver Enterprise Voice Services

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Orion Labs Inc. announced that the company’s ‘Voice-Activated Business Automation’ solution is available on the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active Pro, the latest ruggedized tablet from Samsung Electronics America.

The resulting solution enables users in manufacturing, transportation and other ‘tough environment’ industries to speak with teams and AI assistants in real-time anywhere in the world, improving team efficiency and customer service through faster worker connectivity and increased collaboration.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro is a purpose-built ruggedized tablet for today’s mobile-first world, meeting the business needs of those in harsh work environments and beyond office walls. With Orion voice services integrated into the Tab Active Pro, businesses can transform their existing manual (often paper-based) workflows into voice-powered automations. Orion’s Standard Operating Procedures Workflow can provide a hands-free way to speed up repetitive processes like safety-based checklists, environment inspections, workplace audits and more.

A global mining leader with 50,000 employees chose Orion to automate safety checklists for mine workers. Miners getting ready to complete a task trigger the checklist workflow by speaking an activation phrase. The worker responds to voice prompts until they complete the safety checklist, which is automatically logged and distributed to management. By activating Orion SOP Workflows on rugged handheld devices, the company drives greater efficiency and enhanced its worker safety and compliance efforts. To learn more, read the case study.

“Our enterprise customers in manufacturing, energy, mining, and other industrial environments depend on ruggedized devices to stay connected, even in rough conditions,” said Jesse Robbins, CEO and Founder of Orion. “The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro is ideal for the mobile workforce, and with Samsung Knox and Orion’s end-to-end encrypted communications, enterprise data is protected and all communication can be securely managed.”

Orion customers using the Tab Active Pro can depend on push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities, which enables teams to connect over any distance. Workers stay heads-up and can speak instantly to their team via PTT or utilize AI workflows on the same device, increasing worker safety and team productivity in workplaces such as construction sites, factories or emergency zones.

“Samsung has been defining the role of ruggedized tablets to advance enterprise mobility in industrial environments, and with Orion’s voice-activated automation solution, we are now enabling faster, simplified connectivity for more mobile workers across industrial businesses,” said Taher Behbehani, Head of B2B Mobile, Samsung Electronics America. “We’re proud to work with Orion to help their customers benefit from next-generation mobility through digital transformation.”

Global companies operating in heavy industry, field services, and transportation can use Orion enterprise voice services today with Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro.