Dmr | 2014-10-21

City police builds on radio technology from Hytera

Source: MCCResources

The city police departments at Břeclav, Znojmo and Blansko in the Czech Republic invest in DMR radio technology from Hytera.

The cities of Břeclav, Znojmo and Blansko in the Czech Republic have invested in DMR Tier II radio systems and are now using them for their communications operations. Hytera’s local partner - DCom - is supplying the necessary equipment and expertise.

The DMR radio networks are based on RD985 repeaters. To ensure inter-communication, the police departments are also using 60 DMR model PD785G handheld radios and 14 type MD785G mobile radio devices in Břeclav, Znojmo and Blansko. Moreover, all the radio devices are equipped with GPS, so that the central station always knows where its officers are located. That means that the head of operations can quickly and accurately coordinate officers’ movements.

Stanislav Hrdlička, Chief of the Břeclav City Police was very impressed with the versatility of the DMR radios. “Compared to what we had before - an analog network or mobile phones - the new DMR radios offer many more useful functions to help us in our daily work.”

In addition to functions such as the GPS already mentioned, voice recording on a voice recorder, and the facility to send text and status messages, the feature that was most important for the police departments was the ability to switch between digital and analog operation. “For example if we need to work with the fire department we have to be able to switch to analog mode for smooth communication with them,” said Chief Hrdlička.