Sichuan PPDR Adopts BelFone Critical Communications Solution during Wildfire Control

Dmr | Lte | 2022-09-29

To scientifically formulate an emergency response plan, Chongqing Emergency Rescue Bureau and Fire Service Bureau brought BelFone BMC communications systems

Hytera Launches New Generation Compact DMR Repeater HR65X

Dmr | 2022-09-29

Flexible to deploy and easy to network, Hytera HR65X Compact DMR Repeater allows businesses to set up reliable two-way radio coverage at a designated venue with the least space and most usability.

Chief Editor’s Box Opening Review of New Caltta DH4 Series DMR Radios

Dmr | 2022-09-27

Communication distance of the new DH4 Series radios is 15% longer than most radios of the same grade in the market.

SEE Telecom Welcomes Economic & Commercial Advisors Delegation

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | 2022-09-22

The delegation was particalury interested in about SEE Telecom's new "see smart tunnel" strategy

Safecom Releases Guidance in Cyber Risks to Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Tetra | Dmr | P25 | 2022-09-22

SAFECOM has developed Cyber Risks to LMR First Edition to help public safety managers and officials better understand such potential threats.

PMRExpo 2022: Ticket Shop Opens and Diverse Conference Program Presented

Ccr | Tetra | Dmr | Lte | Messaging | Critical-control-rooms | 2022-08-25

The “Secure Communication” Summit offers a wide range of topics relating to the technological change in professional communication, digitalization, networking, broadband strategies, cybersecurity and the latest developments in the control centers.

Hytera Launches New Generation of Enhanced Licence-Free Radios

Dmr | 2022-08-16

The new radios are compact, reliable and easy to use for smaller businesses that do not need a larger radio system requiring a licence in order to operate.

Belfone Takes Advantage Of The Communication Technology To Facilitate Urban Digital Development

Dmr | Lte | 2022-08-04

The 2nd (China) International Digital Product Expo has been held from July 22nd to July 26th in Fujian province. At the event, BelFone showcased its cutting-edge achievements and innovation ability in the expo area.

BelFone Provides Safe Communications to Hydroelectric Power Station in Zambia

Dmr | 2022-08-01

BelFone Communications, a leading technology and solution provider of mission and business critical communications, has recently provided its wireless communication solution to a hydropower station in Zambia.

Hytera Facilitates the Smooth Running of the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards

Dmr | 2022-07-29

The Hong Kong Film Awards has been adopting Hytera communications solutions since 2014.

Hytera Delivers Cutting-Edge Digital Mobile Radio System to Sri Lanka Police

Dmr | 2022-07-26

Hytera, together with its Sri Lankan partner Securatec, successfully won a 10-year contract to upgrade the field communication systems of the Sri Lanka Police

Caltta Facilitates Forest and Grassland Fire Drill in Inner Mongolia

Dmr | Lte | 2022-07-21

The forest and grassland firefighting drill were held at the Joint Training Base built by Hulunbuir Forest Fire Command and Forest Fire Detachment.

Ice Hockey Arena Push-to-talk with Caltta PH600 during an Important Sporting Event

Dmr | 2022-06-24

Caltta Technologies in partnership with Datamatik TecniCom Oy provided instant group communications devices to the arena hosting an important sporting event in Finland.

CCW 2022 | Handsfree Group Consolidate Global Mission-Critical Services Leadership with Andriod GMS Certification for the R5

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | 2022-06-21

Handsfree Group's R5 Fixed Vehicle Device has acquired full Android GMS Certification, giving public safety and other demanding critical users with enhanced security assurance and secure, up-to-date access to Google Android apps and information.

Urban Bureau Adopts BelFone Convergent Communications Solution

Dmr | Lte | 2022-06-20

BelFone, a leading technology and solution provider of mission and business critical communications, recently has successfully delivered its convergent communications solution to Urumqi Urban Management Administrative Bureau.

Hytera Empowers Industry Verticals of the Republic of Korea

Dmr | 2022-06-02

Hytera officially launched the next generation DMR series, H series and BP series, in an event held at the InterContinental Seoul COEX.

Hytera Showcases Innovative Security Communications Solutions at Securex South Africa

Dmr | Lte | 2022-05-30

Hytera will showcase a variety of security communications solutions, including its latest DMR communications solution, body-worn camera solution and push-to-talk over cellular solution.

Hytera Launches New Dual-Mode Rugged Public Safety Radio

Dmr | Lte | 2022-05-09

Hytera announced that it has launched the PDC680, a new dual-mode rugged radio PDC680 to accelerate the Public Safety intelligence experience.

New Digital Two-way Radios from Caltta Boost Business Productivity

Dmr | 2022-05-05

Caltta DH400/410/460 radios bring versatile and practical voice call features to the staff and the best value for money to business owners.

BelFone Donation Empowers Campaigns against COVID-19

Dmr | 2022-04-28

Compared to smartphones, the intuitiveness of push-to-talk radios are superb for personnel wearing medical gloves and 'bunny' suits.