Artevea Digital Limited secures further contract to supply the Comando Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armadas del Ecuador

Tetra | 2011-01-14

contract secured by Artevea's local partner Vitercom CIA LTD.

Motorola to Host TEDS Interoperability Testing Event

Tetra | 2011-01-14

The IOP test sessions will be held in accordance with the TETRA Association IOP rules

Sepura secures first monorail project in India

Tetra | 2011-01-10

The Mumbai Monorail project is the very first of its type in India

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Secures Operations with Sepura

Tetra | 2011-01-09

Airport’s technical staff selected the Sepura STP8000 hand held radio because of its superior sound quality

TETRA Web Portal appoints Agnita Cheung as Sales & Content Manager

Tetra | 2011-01-07

Agnita is known as a successful and experienced manger with a "just do it" mentality..

EmerGeo Software Supports TETRA-based Vehicle and People Tracking System

Tetra | 2011-01-07

This system was a collaborative effort with Atlas Telecom, and will be initially deployed in the United Arab Emirates.

DAMM provides enhanced safety on Moscow Metro

Tetra | 2011-01-05

Moscow Metro found TETRA to be the most suitable technology to meet their requirements.

Cassidian Rolls Out Swedish Nationwide Radio Communications Network

Tetra | 2010-12-23

The network serves around 31,000 users, a number slated to rise to 70,000 within a few years.

Hytera President Speaks at Shenzhen-Hong Kong Official Forum

Tetra | 2010-12-21

President Chen was invited as a winner of 2010 Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award...

Successful year for Creowave

Tetra | 2010-12-17

In spring, Creowave launched TETRA Highpower Repeater which completes the wide TETRA repeater collection of the company

Cassidian Network Secures Asian Games in China

Tetra | 2010-12-15

for more than 60.000 users, 2 switches and almost 200 base stations

TETRA technology vital in policing - Kapinga

Tetra | 2010-12-10

Tetra Radio Communication System for use by the Botswana Police Air Force and ground operatives...

Digital radio to keep tab on errant Kolkata cops

Tetra | 2010-12-06

Kolkata Police have a strength of 26,000 personnel

Creowave @ TETRA World Congress 24-27.5.2011

Tetra | 2010-12-02

the event is held in Budapest, Hungary, between the 24th and 27th May.

Motorola Solutions Announces New Board of Directors Effective Jan. 4

Tetra | 2010-12-02

Motorola Solutions, Inc., will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “MSI".

Christoper Ramsden joins PowerTrunk

Tetra | 2010-12-01

he knows how to size up opportunities and focus on higher probability “wins”.

Cassidian equips Border Police in all Romanian Border counties with interoperable TETRA network

Tetra | 2010-11-28

Real-time information sharing possibilities between Border Police and security forces during joint operations improved

Prospects for TETRA in a time of spending cuts

Tetra | 2010-11-25

Wireless drew together an expert panel to discuss the future for public safety radio.

Motorola Solutions Launches New TETRA Radio for Fire Departments

Tetra | 2010-11-23

Motorola is presenting the new portable TETRA radio at the PMR Expo trade show in Cologne, Germany

Stop Noise will releae new highly advancd features for its TETRA 3 in 1 Multi Handset

Tetra | 2010-11-18

teh device is the only handheld TETRA terminal’s accessory to combine audio, data & image features in a single device