Hytera signed agreement with Rohde & Schwarz to aquire Rohde & Schwarz Professional Radio GmbH

Tetra | 2011-07-27

Bad Muender will be the global R&D Centre for technology standardised by ETSI and it will remain the global technical supports Centre for TETRA infrastructure.

Airwave provides critical communication for new Hindhead Tunnel

Tetra | 2011-07-27

".... The scope of our network ensures 99% coverage of the Great Britain’s landmass.”

First interconnected TETRA network covers Shenzhen Metro

Tetra | 2011-07-27

TETRA digital trunked communication system in China’s rail transportation field has reached a world leading level

Hytera will take over TETRA specialist Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio GmbH

Dmr | 2011-07-26

Hytera Communications Co. Ltd. and Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG agree on the sale of Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio GmbH (PMR).

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Artevea Digital Limited for Its Pioneering T-MATRIX Solution

Tetra | 2011-07-26

T-MATRIX Offers Customers an Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution Irrespective of Their Budget, Size of Operation and Location

Mixed picture at Sepura

Tetra | 2011-07-25

Paul Goodridge, Chief Financial Officer to leave the business

Motorola unveils Tetra digital trunking lab at Beijing

Tetra | 2011-07-25

purpose is to promote digital trunking communication system training in universities and train skilled talent for China’s market.

Hytera Brings Digital Covert and ATEX Radios to PMRmobi

Tetra | 2011-07-25

During the PMRmobil, Hytera showcased full range of DMR and TETRA digital products.

A win for Airwave at the Shrievalty Cup

Tetra | 2011-07-22

Airwave, who also sponsored the event, entered a full team made up of Pat McKenzie, Keith Turner, Frank Hall and Steve Ellis.

Radio communications firm Sepura, is extending its business activities in ASIA

Tetra | 2011-07-22

....with a little help from UK Trade and Investment (UKTI)

Motorola Solutions contracted by China's Nanning Government

Tetra | 2011-07-22

The system will be integrated with the linkage centre's computer-assisted scheduling system (CAD)

TETRA Association Marketing Group latest activities

Tetra | 2011-07-21

publication of the new website, the pocket guide to TETRA and the new membership brochure are few examples of the activities of the marketing group.

Telent takes over analogue radio unit of Cassidian Communications

Tetra | 2011-07-21

Cassidian Markus Kolland “In line with this trend, we aim to focus in future solely on the digital solution portfolio we have built around the TETRA and TETRAPOL product family".

Entropia Digital delivers TETRA and MPT1327 Communications system to the worlds largest marching event

Tetra | 2011-07-21

Over 700 volunteers with some paid staff make it an unforgettable walking week in July.

Hytera Brings DMR Digital Covert and ATEX Radios to PMRmobil

Dmr | 2011-07-20

The road show had three stops in Nuremberg, Hanover and Dortmund.

OTTO releases new catalogue

Tetra | 2011-07-20

The OTTO two-way accessories catalog has been updated and is available for your use as from today.

Airwave Solutions: Securely capture and manage photographs

Tetra | 2011-07-19

Designed to work as a support tool in conjunction with the existing radio communication infrastructure that is already in place

Kuwait fire department to switch to new telecom system

Tetra | 2011-07-18

The new technology will apply to all of the Kuwait Fire Services Directorate's centres and speedboats

Lack of Tetra network haunt terror-hit Mumbai

Tetra | 2011-07-16

"We depended on mobile phones, our radio wireless communication system was the only back up, we had to depend on that, but our statewide VHF network is not being used now"