ROGER GPS Repeater can be used legally in Germany

Tetra | 2010-10-25

The Federal Network Agency of Germany (Bundesnetzagentur) tested ROGER GPS Repeaters and approved usage of...

Circular issued to return Tetra sets

Tetra | 2010-10-21

"Games are over, we don't need to be connected to other agencies."

First quarter of operations successfully closed for TETRA Communications Internet portal

Tetra | 2010-10-21

the browsing experience will continuously be improved and new features will already be added to the portal by next week

Out of coverage area in Delhi

Tetra | 2010-10-20

3,000 TETRA radios given to the cops "some failed to perform".

PMR Expo: Swissphone presents TETRA radio module

Tetra | Messaging | 2010-10-19

The new radio module FDMX supports analogue and digital communications

PMR Expo: Sky Sweep offers Data Solutions for Tetra

Tetra | 2010-10-18

“Sky Sweep Messenger” is cost-efficient

PMR Expo: Motorola presents its full Tetra-Portfolio

Tetra | 2010-10-15

During the exhibition, the MTP830FUG and mobile computer MC65 will be presented..

Sepura appoints country manager for India

Tetra | 2010-10-14

Satya has worked extensively in the Professional Mobile Radio industry in India since 1985..

Motorola Implements ATDI Software for TETRA Project

Tetra | 2010-10-12

Motorola is planning a TETRA network in one of Europe’s most mountainous nations


Tetra | 2010-10-07

During the past year, Con-Space has accelerated its international expansion

TETRA Solutions presented @ SECURITY ESSEN

Tetra | 2010-10-07

TETRA becomes more important in the SECURITY industry

ZONITH & TELDIO join forces in a Sales & Marketing Partnership

Tetra | 2010-10-07

Through the partnership the companies have developed a unique collaborative solution that links digital radio systems

INVISIO Communications receives order from the US Army

Tetra | 2010-10-07

Total order value is approximately 300.000 US$

Motorola Introduces New PartnerEmpower™ Channel Program Tracks for Radio and Mobile Solutions

Tetra | 2010-10-07

these new tracks deliver improved ways for channel partners to expand their Motorola relationship....

Roger GPS exhibiting @ SECURITY Essen

Tetra | 2010-10-05

the company will be present from 5-8 October, 2010

Team Telecom Hires 2 New Apprentices

Tetra | 2010-10-04

Robbie Dawes and Shane Bayley, to help support the company’s continuing global expansion

SEPURA releases new case study about the use of our Short Data Application (SDA) at the South Africa World Cup.

Tetra | 2010-10-01

Minimising voice traffic on the Johannesburg City TETRA network was a priority..

New company profiles listed

Tetra | 2010-10-01

to date 312 companies listed.

ATIS released Newsletter

Tetra | 2010-09-30

VoiceCollect News Edition September /2010

Red Box recorders at two key events

Tetra | 2010-09-30

the company will be present at two infuential venues